Disney Junior's Animate Your Imagination

June 12, 2016

Do your kids have big imagination with a tale to tell? Let them express it in drawing as Disney Junior will select three creative and magical stories to be brought to life as animations and shown on the channel!

My niece and nephew are so happy when they receive the imagination kits. Both of them show off their talent to me in drawing spaceship.

Andy Loh draws his spaceship in orange color. If you see clearly, his spaceship look like rocket. 

Me: Didi (nickname for Andy), Why your spaceship so tall and skinny?
Didi: because it easy to travel through earth and moon
Me: Wow, you so creative. Why you want to draw spaceship?
Didi: Because I want to travel to moon to me alien. Can I draw rainbow on it to make it more lively?
Me: Ermm... Yes, this is your drawing.

Gulp, he really has big imagination. I can't stop looking at his drawing as I find attractive. Let's look at Esther Loh drawing as her drawing really colorful and she love to draw spaceship too.

She draws the space ship with a lot of spaceship. Surrounding her spaceship is 4 different elements .

Me: Mei Mei (nickname for Esther), you spaceship look so cute and colorful.
Mei Mei: I like use different color to draw as I find it fun.
Me: Tell me why you want to draw this spaceship.
Mei Mei: Earth is not safe and need to find new place to stay.
Me: Oh... Mei Mei so creative .

Both of them also love to watch Disney Junior and Andy sometime will imitate himself in spaceship with Esther. And then they will travel far from home to meet E.T. Sometime their drawing amuse me as I find both of them are brilliant and I can't stop looking at their cute face when they drawing. They have big imagination and they express it on drawing.

Tune in to  Disney Junior on Astro Channel 613 and submit your children drawing and see whether they make it to the final. More information regarding Disney Junior program, log in to https://djanimateyourimagination.asia/ or follow them on Facebook.

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