BBQ Thai @ Old Klang Road

June 15, 2016

Sawadee Ka. I found this hidden germ that serve the pure Thai food at Old Klang Road. According to the owner, BBQ Thai is build on empty lane that previously used to sell second hand car. I really impress with the decoration as each private dinning room design with different themes.

Steam Quid in Thai Lemon Sauce (RM38)

The robust flavor of the steam squid make it so appetizing. The sauce not too sourish or spicy and I fall in love with it. Nom...nom. 

Papaya Salad

In Thailand, papaya salad is called som tum with " som" meaning " sour" and "tum" referring to the pounding sound of the large pestle used to crush ingredients. A healthy combination of ingredients and it really taste nice.

Thai Deep Fried Kang Kong (RM15)

This might be a unique food to everyone of us but in Thailand this meal is well known as street food. The crispiness of the Kang Kong taste good when dip in the special sauce.

Thai BBQ Kerang (RM12)

This is my favorite food and I get to enjoy it at BBQ Thai. Customers can request chef to prepare cockle well done or medium done. If you prefer the chef prepare slightly raw, you can also request for it. Dip the cockles with Thai sauce to make it taste nice.

Thai Style Fried Chicken with 3 taste sauce (RM35)

The chicken is tender and crispy. The specialty about Thai Style Fried chicken is the 3 sauces. Licking my finger after taste the chicken.

Thai Curry Powder Crab (seasonal price)

A must try as the crab cook with Thai curry powder and the spiciness level is medium.

Thai BBQ Platter (RM58)

A combination of Thai BBQ pork neck, Thai BBQ prawn, Thai BBQ chicken wing and Thai BBQ squid.

Thai BBQ Pork Ribs

Sweet and savory pork ribs simmer for hours to fall-off-the-bone tenderness in a tangy sauce. It really a mouth watering dish. Yum..Yumm

Tom Yum Seafood Soup (RM22) -S / (RM28)-L

How can we missed out the Tom Yum when come to Thai food. A must try as you will love the thick gravy. The seafood that serve to us are fresh.

Fried Thai Keow Teow (RM12)

Try on their fried Thai keow teow or usually known as Pad Thai. One of the street food that you can order when you in Thailand.

Thai Style Pork Ribs Spicy Sour Soup

Thai Style Lemon Fried Fish (Seasonal Price)

Being a sweet tooth lover, I always love Thai dessert. The owner mentions their Thai dessert is specially make by Thai lady. The dessert really mouth-watering and captivating.

Thai Style Water Chestnut

Thai Style Cendol

Look Choob
For more information regarding BBQ Thai, log in  . For their private dinning room, you may contact BBQ Thai to place your booking.

BBQ Thai
No.17, Jalan Jugra,
Off Batu 3 1/4,
Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours : Sunday - Saturday (12 PM- 12 AM)
Contact : 03- 7981 9888

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