5 Things I Can Do With Microsoft Wisepad W7

June 29, 2016

Everyone is talking about phablet and what is phablet? Owning a Phablet make my life more easier and manageable. Do you want to discover 5 things I can do with this smart Microsoft Wisepad W7?

Be My Own boss

  • As a learning facilitator , my boss required me to be a multitask person. I required to do presentation and the same time manage my admin works. 
  • Bringing a giant laptop with me while travelling really is hassle to me. I need something light and I can work on it.
  • With Windows 10 on the Wise Pad W7, I able multitask like a boss. It just like kill two birds with one stone in my daily routine.
  • Using Office 365, I able create my power points or even hits the data in excel. Smooth working process using Wisepad W7.  My productivity has increased and my boss build the trust in me.
  • Open multi screen in phablet did not slow down my access . At the same time, I can complete my blog or even doodling using my phablet.
  •  WisePad W7 is power to match our work ethnic. Life will be more colorful and easier with Wisepad W7.
24 Hours Entertainment 

  • I can't live without Wisepad W7. I bring it with me whenever I travelling and it becoming an all-time companion.
  • Date my love one for movie using Wisepad W7. High resolution of color, good quality of soundtrack and surprisingly the phablet able support HD movie. Cool right.
  • Wise Pad W7’s 3,200mAh battery can let you enjoy more like play game or even listening to music non stop. 
Connect me with the world

Photo credit : Flowdock

  • What can a small phablet can do? I manage to have a life thanks to this phablet that helps me stay connected with friends and family through Skype or even Flowdock. 
  • I doesn't even need a web cam to stay connected. Wisepad W7 has moving fast in the market era and it has become the most powerful phablet.
Create my life story

  • Selfie or wefie has become common topic that youngster love to do nowadays. Of course I always up to the trend.
  • As a blogger I will ensure the photo that I produce is good . Wisepad W7 is the right choice for me.
  • 5 megapixel for back camera enough to capture a good quality photo especially night view. 
  • With certified USB On The Go, I can transfer my pictures or video safely into my laptop.

A Good Storage 

  • Sometime transferring  data from a phablet to your personal laptop will consume most of your time.
  • Transfer it to Cloud as you can store your works, data, song, video or even pictures.
  • The best part, you can access cloud anywhere and anytime. Even you can share it with your friends, colleague or families.
  • No hassle, safe time and you won't lost your data.

Specifications of (Pre-Order) Microsoft Wise Pad W7 4G LTE 16GB Windows 10 

What's in the box:
  • 1x Microsoft Wisepad W7 1x Charger 1x USB cable 
General Features:
Camera Back1 to 5MP
Camera Front1-2 MP
Curved TVNo
ModelWise pad W7
Network Connections4G
Operating SystemWindows 10
RAM memory2GB
Slim Slots1
Storage Capacity16GB
Warranty period1 Year
Warranty typeLocal Manufacturer Warranty


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