HOPP Cafe @ Bandar Sunway

May 08, 2016

HOPP means "Happy , Optimistic, Positive People" inspired me to visit HOPP cafe. I date my blogger friend " Anfield" for dinner before go for late movie. From far, HOPP cafe has attracted my attention with it fancy decoration. 

This discreet den in Bandar Sunway has become a top draw for dinning with a mind-broadening menu of Western- Malaysian cuisine. A cosy and relaxing environment of HOPP cafe is suitable for hangout or even dinning or even coffee time.

The Graffiti art catch my attention " Life is Better Together For You" .

Since we are hungry, we order 2 main dishes to fill up our stomach. The menu make look simple to you but it hard for me to make decision as all the food look so tempting. At last we order Grilled Chicken Paella (RM15.90) and Fettuccine Carbonara (RM17.90).

Grilled Chicken Paella prove heartier than predicted, as the special marinated chicken come complemented with roasted bell peppers, saffron , lemon wedges, sweet peas , cafe spice, garlic oil and aroz rice. The aroma of the aroz rice really a satisfied my craving.

Fettucine Carbonara simultaneously creamy but wholesome-tasting, especially the smoke ducked breast . A perfect pair with fresh chives, Parmesan cheese, olive oil and Shimeji mushroom.

"Stressed is desserts" is well say when you spell backwards for stressed. The color of the cake is attractive to me.

For More information, follow HOPP Cafe at their Facebook.

Business address : 10D, Nadayu28 Dagang,
                              Jalan PJS 11/7,
                              Bandar Sunway,
                             48250 Selangor Darul Ehsan
Business Hour : 11 AM to 10 PM (daily)
Contact : 03- 5613 3366

Special Thanks to +Anfield Yee  for accompany me for this wonderful dinner and photo credit to her.

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