Hao Yun Lai 好运来 @ Pandan Indah

May 11, 2016

This is my first time try on China Cuisine. To me China is famous for Sichuan food or " Mala Sauce". Recently I found this hidden germ in Pandan Indah. At first I thought this restaurant is a steamboat restaurant when I glance from outside.

But when you step into the shop, you can smell the nice aroma of food and the staff welcome me with a warm smile. The restaurant might look ordinary to you but the food able to capture your attention.

Chinese Style Hot Plate Roti Canai

The roti canai is unique to me as it serve in hot in triangle shape. The skin is thick and it taste nice that normal roti canai that we usual have. It look like a pancake to me and the texture not so greasy.

Seafood Pot

The soup is a mixture of sourish and spicy but it appetizing to me. You can request for different spiciness level as they cater the food to suit Malaysian local taste. China people can take super spicy food as they need to keep their body warm especially winter season. But when come to Malaysian, our spiciness level is different. You can challenge yourself to take super spicy level.

The ingredient is so fresh especially the prawn and fish. This dishes really mouth-watering. 

 Talapia Fish With Spices and Herbs

I will highly recommend this dish. I not joking as the Talapia fish not only big but it fresh. The combination of the ingredients really mix well as chef use their secret spices and herbs. If you prefer less spicy, please inform the staff when you make an order.

Spicy Sichuan Crab

Spicy Sichuan Prawn

Sichuan cuisine is always my favorite food  because of the great taste and imagination. There is a famous description about Sichuan food: “one hundred dishes, one hundred flavors.” Sichuan cuisine is featured by its unique cooking methods, adaption of spices and seasonings including fresh ones, pickled vegetables and dried goods. Now Sichuan dishes are enjoyed across the world.

Coasted Pickle ( White Carrot with Green chili)

Whenever you order dishes more than RM100 and above, you will get free vegetables . 

The chef demonstrate to us how he usually prepare the ingredients and cooking. I was so impress with their cleanliness of their kitchen. 

Hao Yun Lai 好运来
No.18G, Jalan Perubatan 2,
Pandan Indah,
55100 Kula Lumpur
Business Hours : Mon - Sun (5 PM to 12 AM)
Contact  : +60172426312

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