Beautiful Skin At Any Age With L'Oreal Revitalift Filler (HA)

May 09, 2016

When our age touch 25, we notice our collagen levels start to drop. You may notice fine lines appear around our eyes and skin is less bouncy. And when age touch 30s, fine lines, rough patches and enlarged pores become more obvious. Our Skin's need change with the year and skincare regime needs to evolve too.

Introduce Revitalif Filler (HA) by Loreal  ( Revitalift Filler (HA) Micro Volumizing Essence and Revitalift Filler (HA) Revolumizing Cushion Cream) . For more than 30 years, L'Oreal reasearch has always been at the forefront of the scientific innovation breakthroughs . It has also developed a clinical expertise on Asian skin to sublimate women at every age and help women to achieve youthful skin.

Unique Ingredient from the " Filler"

Fibroxyl - A herbal extracted anti-wrinkle and firming active ingredients, enriched in a revolumizing formula.

Micrometic Hyaluronic Acid - Specifically selected for its micro-sized to allow an easy absorption within skin.

Revitalift Filler (HA) Micro Volumizing Essence

The serum easily penetrate into my skin and immediate result on my skin after 4 hours. My skin more fuller and it replumps skin with moisture. My skin look more firmer and dry lines appear smoothed out. Skin volume is restored and my friend though I when for face contour .

The innovative applicator helps deliver the optimal daily dose of serum. It is designed to protect the formula from air and light so it remains in its purest state.

Texture / color: Clear and transparent color. Smooth texture and non greasy. Subtle silicon-feel coating on the skin but no worry as it adsorb easily into the skin.

How to use

Spread out a few drops from the airless dropper. Apply the serum with fingertips on a cleansed face and massage slowly into your face. It advisable to apply morning and evening before the cream to boost the plumpiness efficacy.

Product rating: 4/5

Skin type: Suitable for all skin type.

Revitalift Filler (HA) Revolumizing Cushion Cream

Apply Revitalift Filler (HA) Revolumizing Cushion Cream after the serum. I did not feel the sticky effect and it absorb easily into my skin. This is L'Oreal 1st extra water-cushion volumizer for advance Anti-Ageing care. It help to stabilize volume, improving skin's cushion, fullness and resilience. The miracle part, it lift away the appearance of lines and wrinkles day after day of consume.

Texture/Color : Light fragrance, velvety and non greasy texture.

How to Use

Apply the Cushion cream after the serum. Used daily on cleansed face for better result.

Product rating : 4/5
Skin type : Suitable for normal/ dry skin

Overall, I personally think it's not a bad line products and my favorite product is Revitalift Filler (HA) Revolumizing Cushion Cream. Infuse a new life into your skin with L'Oreal Revitalift Filler (HA). For more information regarding L'Oreal, log in or follow them on Facebook.

~ L'Oreal boost up my confidence level. I choose L'Oreal and how about you? ~

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