Bake & Shop Party by The Butterfly Project X Althea Malaysia

May 24, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday to The Butterfly Project. Let's recap all the wonderful memories that I have go through when join as The Butterfly Project. I start from a small caterpillar and grow into a butterfly. The sweet memories start with a guidance from our lovely Mamasan, +Tammy Lim  and  other senior bloggers.


2016 going to be a memorable year as The Butterfly Project turning three. The theme for this year is " Bake & Shop Party". The awesome part is Althea Malaysia is main sponsor for this event. wohooooooooooo...

Let's the party begin.....Welcome to the Butterfly wonderland......

Break the secret code to enter to the wonderland......Delectable @Glasshouse, Seputeh

Butterflies 1st task is decorating their own BB Cushion...

 Am I good in decorating?????? Meh.....I suck on decorating...sob...sob.. Superwomen come to rescue me " Anis Farhana" Thanks sweetie for the help.

You might think my BB cushion not so attractive but I personally like it so much.. 

My BB Cushion
Emcee :Dee Leonard & Founder of The Butterfly Project: Tammy

The judges having hard time to choose the winners as everyone are so talented. Impress with their hidden talent. Seem I should learn decorating from them. 

The story not yet end as Althea Malaysia surprised us with lucky draw. A big kiss to Althea Malaysia for shower us with  gift. 고맙습니다

Is shopping time as we been given 30 minutes to complete our shopping task . Althea Malaysia so generous as everyone receive 150 credits in their shopping cart. Tick...Tack...Tick...Tack, the time keep moving and everyone feel excited shopping for their favorite products in Althea Malaysia. Reason I still a loyal buyer : Free Shipping , Authentic product deliver from Korea, the best price offer from Althea Malaysia. Shop now with Althea Malaysia at

Banner from Althea Malaysia

Although I did not win any prize for BB Deco Cushion but I get to win a prize for sharing my shopping experience with Althea Malaysia in Instagram. Thanks Frank Kang, CEO of Althea for prize presentation.

The birthday party end with a group photo. Before ending my story, special thanks dedicate to Mamasan's mummy for the lovely apron, Delectable for the delicious food , humorous emcee of the Day, Dee Leonard , Althea Malaysia for the sponsorship , the cute helpers ( Aliza and Anis) for making the event happen , photographer & videographer and last but not least our lovely Mamasan, Tammy for the invitation and the guidance that you provide to me. I proud to shout to everyone that I am part of "The Butterfly Project" member. "Kudos to everyone who put the event together"

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