Achieve A Healthy Lifestyle with SweatSpa

May 05, 2016

A special thank you to Sweatspa for the invitation. Sweatspa is a wellness brand that advocates for better health, utilizing the medical grade Sunlighten Full Spectrum infrared therapy. You must wondering how Sweatspa can enhance our health and beauty.

Sabrina Tang, founder of Sweatspa started Sweatspa in 2014 with the purpose of helping people gain vibrant health and beauty. Sweatspa is different from traditional sauna as each cabin utilities medical grade Sunlighten Full Spectrum Infrared Therapy with emphasis on safety and comfort to detoxify, relax and rejuvenate body.

Don't worry as Full Spectrum Infrared Therapy is 100% safe and it really specific and targeted improvements can be programmed into the treatment. Before the therapy session start, customer will take their body scan in order to track their progress. According to Sabrina " People today don't sweat enough. Sweating is natural function of the human body and is very important to the body health. This first function is to cool the body down when it is heating up. Therefore, sweating could provide greater detoxification benefits to achieve optimal health, beauty and vitality".

Ning Baizura, the brand ambassador and spokesperson for Sweatspa found Sweatspa the ideal wellness solution for her, having to juggle a hectic schedule, which include her family, singing career as well as her businesses.

Customer that prefer to enjoy the sweating session at home, Sunlighten cabins is available for sale. Congratulation to Sweatspa for the new opening branch at Atria Shopping Gallery. For more information regarding Swetspa, log in or follow them in Facebook.

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