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April 27, 2016

Have you heard about " Sakura Pork" ? Piggy Tail served the real taste, pure , unadulterated pork that really can satisfied your stomach. Piggy Tail provide you with unparalleled  and all embracing food experience under a casual and convivial boutique dinning setting.

Photo credit to Eddy Rush Fatboys Production
The new face-lift of Piggy Tail's menu gives customer a "wow" experience towards their food. No only Piggy tail serves variety of choices but their new additions include dishes driven by fresh, seasonal produce along with out own interpretations of traditional classics and comfort dishes. While for the house favorites menu features upgraded ingredients and improved recipes.

Signature Pork Corn (RM 17)

This is the best selling as Signature Pork corn . The deep fried Sakura pork chunks is really crunchy and juicy.

Watermelon Salad with Premium Pork (RM32)

A healthy combination whereby they use grill sliced premium pork shoulder with fresh watermelon, green salad, Rocket & home made Salad Sauce. It actually suit for those that love light meal and not too much of meat.

Creamy Roasted Pumpkin Soup (RM20)

Blended Fresh Grilled Pumpkin cooked with home made vegetable soup taste nice and I will recommend their soup. The texture is creamy and it go well with garlic bread.

Signature Lamb Chop (RM46)

This is a must try as the meat is tender and juicy. The grilled marinated NZ lamb chop with homemade Mongolian Sauce served with mash & coleslaw.

Piggy Mega Platter (RM268)

The portion is big and it can be served up to 6-8 people. A combination of piggy signature pork knuckles, pork burger, home made pork franks, BBQ pork chop, BBQ pork ribs and option (BBQ lamb chop/ Fried Chicken). This platter served with chips and pork corn.

Seafood Tomato Soup (RM 25)

Taste the soup when it been served hot as it tasted better and fresh at that temperature. This is the best soup I ever have.

New Korean Cheesy Ribs (RM68)

This new menu really make me crazy and craving for it. I am a cheesy person and this is my first time try the combination of cheese with ribs. Dip the ribs on the melted cheese and the outcome of the taste is "super". It was served piping hot & the cheese remain cheesy till almost the last bite. The baby back ribs meat is tenderly soft and juicy.

Eddy Rush enjoys the cheesy rib so much. 

Vegetarian Spaghetti (RM23)

For those that prefer not so heavy meal or less meat, they actually can order the Vegetarian Spaghetti. A homemade tomato sauce spread on the spaghetti cooked together with fresh mushroom, cucumber, tomato and diced eggplant.

To locate Piggy Tail, follow them on Facebook for any promotion or even a new menu. Piggy Tail also serve breakfast.

Piggy Tail
No. 39 , Jalan Telawi 3,
59100, Bangsar Baru
Business Hour : 11 AM to 1 AM (Monday to Friday)
                           10 AM to 1 AM ( Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday)

Contact : 03- 22022166

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