MIDNIGHT SPECIAL Mini games : Protect the " Supernatural", make sure the boy is safe!!

April 19, 2016

He life is in danger now. The federal agents is hunting for the boy as they believe Alton might be a threat to National security. Alton has unpredictable supernatural power and he needs to kept out of the sun , or how he’s able to tune into police radio transmissions through his head, or cause a satellite to splinter and rain down to earth like a meteor shower, bombarding a petrol station out of nowhere.

Roy (Alton's dad) rescue his son from a religious cult in Texas go on a cross-country. Join me in the mini game by Grabies to protect the Supernatural and ensure the boy is safe.

Download Grabies from Google Play or App store and start to earn your GP by joining the Midnight special mini game. Refer to my previous write up to explore more regarding Grabies (http://beloved888.blogspot.my/2016/04/having-fun-watching-movie-trailer-with.html)

Flip 2 of cards and see whether you manage to save and protect Alton from the federal agents.

Yes I manage to accomplish my mission to ensure the boy is protected. Share this in Facebook with hashtag #hesnotlikeus to earn your GP point.

Once done, you can use your GP points to claim for free movie to watch Midnight Special. The movie is mystifying and vague, which will keep you hooked.

Release Date: 14 Apr 2016
Director: Jeff nichols
Running Time: 111minutes
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Cast: Adam Driver, Kirsten Dunst, Joel Edgerton
Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures

For more information regarding Grabies, please log into https://www.grabies.com

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