Bites Bakery Cafe @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

April 18, 2016

I am a person that love bread so much but I can't that eat much as bread usually is filling. So every time I only buy two different flavor of bread. My worries is over as Bites Bakery Cafe serve super cute and small buns that allow customers to enjoy varieties type of buns.

Does this look interesting to you? The mini buns serve hot in dim sum style. Bites Bakery Cafe started operated in March 2016 and it able capture customers attention for their lovely mini buns. No only Bites Bakery famous for their mini buns but also the texture of the buns soft and this bun been serve fresh daily.

My favourite is Matcha Oyaki as you can taste the rich Matcha and it smell nice. I think I eat 3 to 4 Matcha Oyaki. Oppsss......

For Chocolate lover, a must try on their Oreo Oyaki, Chocolate Banana Oyaki or even Dark Chocolate Smiley buns.

Enjoy your chit chat session while having fun eating dim sum mini bun. You can other order 4 mini buns for RM 4.90 or 9 mini buns for RM 9.90.

Try on also their Ham and Cheese Butter Bun, Tuna Mayo Butter Roll, Mocha Oyaki , Chicken Mushroom Oyaki, Cranberry Cheese Oyaki, Black Sesame Oyaki, Chili Powder Sausage Roll, White Chocolate Bunny Bun, Mini Donut, Cinnamon Twist and Vege Scone

Oh ya... don't forget to try their Chocolate drink as you can ask order for tower size if you come in a big group. Thumb thumb to their chocolate drink.

Bites Bakery also having Buy 1 Free 1 at 8.30 am onwards or Buy 1 Free 2 at 11.30 am onwards. Come and try yourself the fresh dim sum mini buns.

Bites Bakery Cafe
26 & 28, Jalan Puteri 2/2,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong.

Business Hours : Monday - Sunday (8 AM -1 AM)

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