The Best Chicken Rice - 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice

March 06, 2016

Have anyone try 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice? 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice have been mobbed by legion of delicious food since it opened at Mid Valley.

Organic Kampung Chicken (RM 88) - Whole chicken

Oragnic Kampung Chicken is one of their best food serve at 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice. The Kampung chicken is succulent and tender with just the right amount of specially made light soya sauce drenched on top of it. You can taste the juiciness of the chicken with only one bite and it really satisfied your appetite.

 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice also offer free debone service to their customer. The skillful chef manage to maintain the quality of the chicken after been debone.

Stone Pot Stir Fried Lala with Superior Soup (RM25)

The creamy and hot soup really bring out the taste and aroma of the soup. The freshness of the Lala cooked together with " Tao Pan " sauce really make me satisfied with this meal. This stir fried lala with superior soup is different from outside that I usually taste. Thumb up for this meal.

Hokkien Mee RM 14.90

If happen you dine in at 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice, try their Hokkien Mee . Their Hokkien Mee is different from what we usually eat any restaurant or Kopitiam as chef did not use charcoal to fried the Hokkien Mee but they able bring out the specialty of the Hokkien Mee. Braised noodles swaddled in good quality caramelized soy sauce make me craving for it. Hokkien mee enthusiasts can attest to that fact we’re sure, and traditionalists love the noodles here.

Fried Roasted Pork with Capsicum (RM 25)

When I bite on the roasted pork's skin, I can hear the crackling sound. uhhhh....It really make me satisfied after eating it. The meat is tender and the fat meltingly soft. That’s 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice is often prepared using pork belly, which contains half fat half meat. The fried roasted cook wit capsicum to bring extra fragrance to the taste.

Buttermilk Fish Fillet (RM 25)

This is one of their signature food and a must try on it. The fish fillet is coated with salted egg that prepared fresh daily and buttermilk .

Ipoh Bean Sprouts - RM 10 (Small) , RM 15 (Large)

Whenever your order Ipoh Chicken rice, don't forget to order Ipoh bean sprouts.  The bean sprout will only need to be blanched no more than 10 seconds, then drizzle with sesame oil and soy sauce, and a smidge of white pepper for bit of kick. You must wondering Ipoh bean sprout can be big hit in 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice. All thanks to it prime location in Ipoh and we can enjoy eating the best bean sprout.

Pork Balls (RM 2) - 5 pcs

The hand made pork ball is dense, firm yet tender with a nice bouncy spring. It is well balanced between pork meat and dried cuttlefish. I love this so much.

Overall I am satisfied with food and also the service at 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice. Try it yourself at 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice , Midvalley Megamall and follow them on Facebook : 

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