Product Review : ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser

March 16, 2016

What make me look so surprise ????

Thank you to BFF for sending ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser to me. So coincidence my facial cleanser is out of stock . I thinking to try ePure products as I heard a good feedback regarding ePure especially the mask. 

ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser

Why this product make a remarkable sale in beauty market?
  • A high performance soap-free cleanser derived from amino acid, hyaluronic acid, honey extract & XERADIN 
  • highly active substance with a 24-hour lasting moisturizing effects to effectively eliminates impurities and make-up 
  • Leaves skin feeling perfectly clean and moist. 
  • 87 % improved the appearance of the skin 
  • 98 % reported no sense of tightness 
  • 85 % feel their skin more radiant and tone

  • Apply 2 drops of ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser on my palm 
  • Gently massage on my face and neck in circular motion. I like the nice smell and the cleanser is mild. 
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water. 
  • For better improvement of my skin, I will use ePure Cyro Cellular Mist/ Essence/ toner and complete skin-care regime.

My skin feel more refresh after cleansing. It able to lock the moisture of my skin and minimize my pores. ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser suitable for all type skin especially sensitive skin like me. The texture is mild and it clinically tested by renowned skin-care laboratory in Taiwan with a history more than 30 years. Selling price for ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser at RM 69.90.

~ Share with me your experience if you have try ePure Amino Hydro Intense Cleanser~

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