The Food Moment At Pretz N' Beanz Cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara

February 24, 2016

This is my first time step into Pretz N' Beanz cafe and I was astonish with their design. Contemporary, creative design and cosy cafe make me love to explore more on their food. Pretz N' Beanz receives impressive feedback response from their customers.

Pretz N' Beanz is famous with their fresh pretzels that still hot from oven. Yummy..... They are the first Pretzel Pizza in Malaysia.

BBQ Chicken Pretzel Pizza

The pizza is carefully crafted with flavorful , superior-quality ingredients and toppings. BBQ Chicken Pretzel Pizza always my right pick and I love it so much. The thin crust pizza bring out its natural goodness . The crust is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Give a try on their pizza.

Chicken Hawaiian Pretzel Pizza, 7 inch (RM 15.80) / 10 inch (RM 22.15)

Chicken Hawaiian Pretzel Pizza always my preferred . I love the fresh ingredient that topping on the pizza. Still craving for it.

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel (RM 6.25)

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel always my favourite. Not too sweet and the Pretzel is baked fresh from oven. I love the cinnamon taste too. 

Basil Cheese Pretzel (RM 7.30)

I usually did not like to order any food that contact basil as I don't like the smell but this Basil Cheese Pretzel is different. The basil smell is not so strong and the pretzel taste nice. 

Chocolate Peanut Crunch Pretzel (RM 8.35)

Rich chocolate with peanut crunch that spread on the pretzel make it taste so nice. Those that love to chocolate flavor, give a try for this.

Pretz N' Stew Green Curry (RM 17.90)

First time I try Pretz N' Stew Green Curry. The freshly baked pretzel go well with the green curry. The green curry a bit spicy but the taste of the green curry is fantastic. 

Pretz n' Stew Cheesy Chicken (RM 17.90)

Too heavy meal for me but if you are cheesy lover, you can give atry on the Pretz n' Stew Cheesy Chicken.

Pretz N' Beanz not only serve pretzel or pizza but they also serve western cuisine. I order Fish & chips (RM 21.10). The dory fish is fresh and smooth. It serve with french fries and vegetable. portion quiet big and it worth for your money.

Carbonara Chicken Slice Spaghetti (RM 26.40)

Chewy spaghetti cook with creamy carbonara really make me crave for another plate. WOW....

Is time for appertizer after the main dish. Let's order Volcano Chocolate Cake with Ice- Cream ( RM 13.65) and Triple Chocolate cake.

Triple Chocolate

Volcano Chocolate cake with Ice-cream

I want more. Can I order some drinks? ...please....Burppp (opps, excuse me). 

Signature Chocolate

Caffe Green Mint Mocha

Florentine Cookies
I having a good food at Pretz N' Beanz cafe and thank you for the invitation. The service is good and I will recommend this cafe. 

Location : Pretz N' Beanz Cafe
                 No.22, Ground Floor,
                 Jalan Solaris 4, 
                 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours : Sunday - Thursday ( 7: 30 am - 12 am)
                            Friday - Staurday ( 7:30 am - 1 am)

Facebook :

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