Sor-bet - The Bespoke Frozen Treat

February 01, 2016

Do anyone of you still remember sorbet that we have when we are small kid? I still remember I grab one of this sorbet at my school canteen. I still can recall what is the taste of the sorbet and I enjoy it so much. Recently I found this awesome sor-bet. I was attracted with the sorbet packaging.

Sor-bet has 2 different types (quench & . Quench  is specially handcrafted with the freshest fruits and ingredients. No preservative, low fat and low calorie. There are 7 flavor for Quench.

  • Yellow Submarine (Lemon)
  • Asian Lemonade (Barley & Lime)
  • Golden Orchard (Mango)
  • Emperor Li's Concubine (Lychee)
  • The Red Water Boy (Watermelon)
  • Sunny Side up (Orange)
  • Princess Porcupine (Soursop)

My favourite Quench is Asian Lemonade. The combination of the barley & lime really open your appetite.
Sunny Side Up

While Indulge is handcrafted with alcohol and the freshest ingredient. Indulge is the perfect grown up frozen treat. Indulge has 6 flavors .

  • Moonlighting in Copenhagen (Pear Cider)
  • Mellow St. Andrews (Honey & whiskey)
  • Flirty Bangkok (Mojito)
  • Bora Bora dream (Coconut &Vodka)
  • Capetown-Intoxicated (Lemon & Whisky)
  • A Kingston Affair (Sugarcan & Rum)
Place your order now at sor-bet and enjoy your favorite sor-bet. you also can grab your sor-bet at Little Art House (Geogetown) and Ministry of Coffee (Mont Kiara) . They also cater for any event, special occasion, party and other occasion.

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