Hanangell - The Best Skin Booster

February 26, 2016

Annyeonghaseyo and Happy Friday everyone.

Little cupid strike me with this new product " HANANGELL". Hanangell is Korea's latest advanced beauty technology. Hanangell just reach on time as I need it so much to maintain youthfulness of my skin before wedding.

Hanangell a syringe of skin booster is equivalent to 10 sheets of facial masks. Is that true???????? This is the 4th days I have been using Hanangell. 

The product

Firstly I found the packaging is unique from other skincare packaging. One of my reader curious about the product. Each packets contain two syringe.

How to use it?

1) Twist off the tip lock before using. 

2) Don't throw away the cap as you going to close it back after using to maintain the hygiene . 

3) Pump one or two drop on your palm 

Water gel texture but it does not feel sticky on my face. Remember to massage your face and neck when apply on it. Surprisingly the skin booster absorbs faster into my skin. Hanangell contains hyaluronic acid that able to hold and lock the water in our skin . I can see instant result whereby my skin more moisture and glowing. While collagen able to build the cell skin and maintain the elasticity of my skin. My skin look more firm . The first picture taken 4 days ago and the second picture is the result after 4 days.


My skin look more glowing and radiance . No more puffiness or redness due to sensitive skin.

11 effectiveness of skin booster

  • Skin more moisture
  • Tenderness of your skin
  • Complexion for fairer
  • Firmness of your skin
  • Fades acne scars
  • Refine Skin pores
  • Anti-wrinkles
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Improves Skin Tone
  • Repairs Basal Cells 
  • Soothes Allergy
Hanangell suitable for all type of skin and it also suitable for pregnant women as the product is natural with no hormones, non-irritating, lead-free and mercury free. 

You also can apply Hanangell as body lotion . Hanangell is selling RM 80/ pack . Start order now by email to info.evemagic@gmail.com . Special discount for reader as you entitle for 20 % till 1 march 2017. Just mention the discount code: Hanangell20blogger when you make your order. For more information regarding Hanangell, follow Eve Magic:  https://www.facebook.com/Eve-Magic-Your-beauty-accessories-supply-1249550771725604

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