A Date With Him For Cupid Run On Valentine's Day

February 18, 2016

I have been waiting for so long and Valentine's Day has arrived. We did not go for any exclusive travelling or even candle light dinner. This year Valentine's Day, both of us enroll for Cupid Run that organize by Score. 

So impressive with the runners as they walk up early to join the run with their lover. Score Cupid Run aims to encourage more people to take up running. This year, SCORE Cupid Run endearing fairy tale themes whereby runners can stop by at each session for fun game and also photo session.

 Runners enjoy the fun game on the first booth . They also take the opportunity to take pictures with the step daughter. He..He.. really a fun time seeing the runners give a full support for the Cupid Run.

I continue my run after visiting the first booth. 3km more to go....Gambateh Bettyyyyyyyy

Stop by the second booth and it getting more excited. Female runners suddenly transform into a beautiful princess at the Magical Gifts booth.

These couple are so sweet. So jealous when seeing them holding hand and join the fun. Ermmmm.... I did not squeeze in for the queue but we also manage took our couple picture during the run.

Begin your fairytale journey on the enchanted carriage at The Pumpkin Ride.

The Kepong Metropolitan Park, with its large lake and running track shaded by trees is sure to give participants a beautiful view . This making the run with a theme a mystical and classic as Score Cupid Run 2016 an enchanting one indeed. 

He was busy capture the nature of The Kepong Metropolitan Park.

At last we complete our 4km together for the SCORE Cupid Run 2016 and we receive a unique interlock heart medal upon completing the run. The medal is special as we can combine it.

Thank you to Revive, Massimo, Yogood, Watsons, Bella Skin, Otterbox and URC as a sponsors for SCORE Cupid Run 2016. As for the SCORE team, you guy have done a marvelous job and the run is successful. I can't wait for the upcoming SCORE Cupid Run in 2017. 

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