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January 25, 2016

Start a daily life by eating clean food, exercise , drink plenty of water, think positively and do detoxification one a month. This is how we shape our healthy life. but how many of us live in healthy life. All of us staying in a busy environment and everyday we are in a hurry mode in term of work, life and even stay late for dinner. Due to unhealthy lifestyle our body start to give signal to us.
Serious Acne problem

Bloated Stomach
Do you a similar problem like me? Constipation, breakout on face, emotional, stomach bloating, restless, acne on your face and body or gain weight? It is time to do detox and clean up your body. Why we need to detox our body? Chantel Liew, Ruby Director for USANA  and award- winning millionaire share with us her experience regarding detoxification. Come back to the question why we need to detox our body?
  1. Remove toxin from our body
  2. Enhance better immune system 
  3. Improve our quality of life
  4. Improve skin quality
  5. Restore balance to our body's system
  6. increase our body energy so we will not easily feel tired or even breathless
  7. Lose weight
  8. Mental and emotional clarity
  9. Prevent chronic diseases like colon cancer
  10. Slow down the premature aging
Introduce to you USANA products that known as most effective nutritional supplements and health care products in the world. USANA is designed by an expert in human cellular nutrition and manufactured in an FDA- approved facility. The products/ supplement has been guaranteed that what's on the label is in every tablet and rated one of the top supplements in North America. 

Chantel a wonderful lady and she willing to share with us the story about USANA and also her sucess in USANA

Is time for me to start my detoxification. The first day of detoxification, I start to drink a glass of Fiber to clear my colon. The taste of the Fiber is hard to accept and Chantel suggest to take it with some lemon juice. Taking fiber doesn't mean you have constipation only you need to intake fiber. Fiber help to smoothen your bowel system and eliminate the toxin in your colon. 

I consume more fruits during my detoxification
My own homemade muesli mixed with fresh skin Milk and Nutrimeal Dutch Chocolate

While for lunch, I will take USANA Nutrimeal ( French Vanilla). I usually will add in muesli, Farm Fresh Skin Milk and fruit to add in some taste. While for dinner I will consume USANA Nutrimeal ( Dutch Chocolate) with Muesli follow by salad. My favorite is Proflavanol C100 as it provide significantly better protection the oxidation modification of LDL , maintaining healthy, younger looking skin. Proflavanol C100 has become my best friend and I took one tablet after meal.

Consume some nutrition drink special cater from Raisin' The Roof that provide enough vitamin to your body.

I start my detoxification for 2 weeks and I do see some positive progress. You can't expect a huge drop in your weight as I just started with 2 weeks detoxification program. The obvious result is my stool is not harder or smelly. Not more bloated stomach and hurray, I can even button my pants. Opps. The acne start to reduce especially behind my body.

The important thing , I feel lighter and energetic after the detoxification . The " Z" monster did not attack me after finish taking my lunch. Wohoo, I getting back my confident and I found myself back in a healthy life.

This is the latest photo taken on 24 January 2016
By owning USANA business, it allow us about our personal choices in life and how our everyday behaviors have an impact on our overall quality of life. Your Health. Your Life. Your Way. USANA Health Sciences is voted the #1 " Distributor's Choice" by readers of Network Marketing Today: The MLM Insider Magazine since 1997. USANA also receive the " Advance Nutritional Products" by THE BRAND LAUREATE in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013. 

Love to hear more regarding USANA, log in . Don't be shy to ask advice from Chantel as she willing to share the right way of detoxification. Follow her at

Your Health. Your Life. Your Way

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