The Nature of Aman Rimba Private Estate

January 04, 2016

Aman Rimba Private Estate is peaceful. tranquil. private and lush. Aman Rimba is located at  Janda Baik in the district of Bentong is just 50 minutes drive from the Kuala Lumpur city centre, Aman Rimba is surrounded by abundant tropical greens and bathed by the cool hillslope air.

 This private estate is perfect for both fun family weekends, and insightful, energized corporate getaways (teambuilding). Aman Rimba has 6 private villas with one big swimming pool. Each room's design is so unique and decorate with Malay traditional design. Clean and comfortable bed with air conditioner and fan. Each villa has private balcony and en-suite bathroom.

The reason I choose to stay at Aman Rimba Private Estate

1) Enjoy the nature of Aman Rimba

Feeling stress with your lifestyle? Rushing and jam in traffic during work? The weather look so hazy and unhealthy? Aman Rimba will be a perfect place for holiday. Breathing the fresh air, enjoying bird chirping and take a walk around Aman Rimba

2) Fun activities

Swimming – There’s nothing like a swimming pool to cool down and relax. Do take note that this pool has a jet spa system.

River Dipping – If a dip in the swimming pool is too “modern”, take a walk just outside the Aman Rimba property line for a dip in the Sungai Benus river.

Hardcourt Games – Badminton, volleyball or basketball. This court is just right for your choice of sport.

Cycling – If you can ride a bike, check out the recreational bicycles available for you to explore the Aman Rimba grounds. Take the cycling paths along the riverbank for a picturesque view.

Fishing – Fishing has been said to be a calming activity. At Aman Rimba, the lake has a variety of fish. For those who come unprepared, fishing gear and bait are readily available.

Photography – Because of its beauty, photographers are spoilt for choice on location spots around the estate.

Bird Feeding – Swans, ducks and birds; all guests are welcomed to feed them.

Reading – There is a large collection of books (all belonging to the owners personal collection) in Villa Sireh and guests are welcome to read them if they like.

Games Room – For more fun, guests can make their way to the games room for a game of pool, mah-jong and cards. There’s also a Nintendo Wii set.

3) You get the entire Estate

There are 6 different types of villas available, but when you decide to stay here, you rent the entire estate and not just a villa for two. This is a private estate and thus, the entire estate is rented out, instead of individual villas, to maintain your privacy. Renting the entire estate is great not only for family gatherings, but also wedding celebrations, corporate training sessions, team building activities, photo shoots and much more.

4) Delicious, Authentic Cuisine

The food at Aman Rimba is so delicious! They serve us breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner and supper. The talented team of village chefs are in charge of preparing mouth-watering Malay dishes made from the freshest ingredients. This is the best Malay food I have taste. Thumb to the chef.

Take a step back in time, let the beauty of nature soothe your soul and inspire your mind. And enjoy the intimacy of being in this very private estate.


Contact : Didi Saleh (+6019 383 0500) 

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