Start A Healthy Life with Washington Apple Commission & Fitness First

January 17, 2016

Go healthy... Go Healthy... Go healthy with Washington Apple Commission.  Washington Apple Commission collaborate with Fitness First to launch its " Go healthy nutrition & fitness lifestyle community campaign " entitled " Apples Everyday, Fitter Every Way!2016. 

The first in my 2016 resolution is stay healthy and start exercise. Seem I have to kick start my resolution now. Let's get back to the topic. Do you know " An apple a day can keep the doctor away? 
According to Eddie Saw, Washington Apple Commission Country representative, " Due to the busier lifestyle and we must remember to take fruits such as Washington apple to balance our health and well being". I agree with Eddie statement. And do you know Washington apple has different type of apple ? 

Type of Washington Apples
Red Delicious

- America's favorite apple has a deep ruby skin and classic heart shape. Its mild , sweet flavor and distinctive juicy crunch make it a five-star snacking apple
The perfect take a long snack. Heart-shaped, distinctive yellow-orange skin with red striping and a crisp, sweet taste that can't be beat. Great in salads too.


The crisp, juicy Fuji varies from yellow-green with red highlights to very red. Its spicy, sweet flavor make it excellent for salads or eating out of hand.


Honeycrisp has bright red and pale greenouter skin and a cream colored crisp yet juicy inner flesh. With a sweet yet slightly tart flavor, this variety of applie is great for salads, baking, cooking or eating as a snack.

Cripps Pink The Cripps Pink is known for its sweet-tart and firm, crisp flesh. It is yellow in color with pink blush. The delicios Cripps Pink is great for cooking and eating out of hand.


Varying from greenish-gold with red sections to nearly solid red, the crisp and aromatic Braeburn blends sweetness and tartness for high impact flavor. great for snacks and salad.

Granny Smith

Granny Smiths are bright green. Sometimes with a pink blush. The flavor is tart and tagy, perfect for baking and bite is crisp.

Golden Delicious

The preferred, all-purpose cooking apple. Firm, white flesh and skin so tender it doesn't required peeling. Maintains its shape and rich, mellow flavor when baked or cooked.

Let's start the morning with energetic dance performance by Fitness First. Shake it...shake it.. Don't be shy to shake your body for a healthy life.

Bloggers very supportive and they join the fun together. The are very sporting and give them a laps. Sorry , I just enjoying the fun record a video. Haha....

According to Erika Peres, " Leading an active & sporty life from young". I agree with her points. Children should be explore to healthy lifestyle when they go through childhood process. So parents, start to lead your children to be active in sport.

Let's kick start our healthy life with Washington apple

Congratulation to Suki as she win the title for be " The Best Dress". Wohoo.. She hot and sexy.....

Challenge yourself for the balancing part whereby you need to stand on one leg and close your eye. See how long you can balance yourself holding 2 apples in your hand. you can do it at home. 

If you not good in balancing yourself, no worried, you still can learn how to make your own salad. Choose your favorite apple and sauce for the fruit salad.

5 lucky winners for instagram Pose. 

Light refreshment

Don't forget to start your healthy life starting from now. More regarding Washington Apple Commission, please log in

Ermmm, sweet and crunchy apple.

+kakalina wak is sporty and has nice smile.

Aliza, Suki and Reia with the Mascot.

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