Wonderful Korean BBQ @ DONSADON, Solaris Mont Kiara

December 11, 2015

Annyeonghaseyo, who love to try the best Korean BBQ?? Introduce to you the new opening Donsadon Korean BBQ. The design of this restaurant is simple and the grill is built in the table.

Juiciness and tenderness of the pork belly make me craving for more. One bite of the pork belly, you can feel the texture of the meat and it really taste nice. Ermmm.

 The owner share with us how they eat Korean BBQ and Korea culture. It is interesting to know more about Korea culture.

For me , the best way to eat Korean BBQ is in the traditional Korean Ssam style. Ssam mean "wrapped" in Korea. To eat korean BBQ, firstly put a leaf of lettuce on your palm and add in a piece of pork in the middle. Then added in ssamjang or sliver of garlic or even a piece of chopped green chili. Usually they will provide a basket of green lettuce leaf or sesame leaf that known as Perilla.

Eddy try to cut the pork belly. Look at his funny face when cutting the pork belly. hehe

When I having my Korean BBQ, I will order Soju. It's is clear, slightly sweet Korean alcoholic drink. Usually they pour the soju in shotglass. In Korean culture, respecting the elder is very important. the younger person will pour the drink for the elder . 

Korean BBQ usually will come with some side dishes

Good new for Korean BBQ lover as you only need to pay RM 29.90 (per head) and you can enjoy unlimited refilled of the pork. Donsadon is different from other Korean BBQ as their pork belly is thick, tender and the portion is big.

Location  : Dosandon,
                  Block J-01-05, 
                  No.2, Jalan Solaris,
                  Solaris Mont Kiara,
                  50450, KL

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