Katrina Kayora Ong Crown As Malaysia's Most Colorful Young Woman

December 22, 2015

Congratulation to Katrina Kayora Ong as the Grand Winner for Malaysia's Most Colourful Young Woman at the FreshLook® FreshFaces ColorGirl Search 2015 finale. Katrina Ong, 19, from Sandakan, Sabah represent the most unique attributes of a young Malaysian female- one who determined to inspire and make an impact on her generation.

The FreshLook® FreshFaces ColorGirl Search 2015 was conducted in collaboration with Malaysia Youth Community (MYC!) . Special thanks to Zalora, Kiss Me, GoPro and Amber Chia Studios for supporting the Search 2015 finale.

Around 2,221 Malaysian young women participate in through the official contest website (freshfaces.my). 100 participants were selected based on the result InterUniversity search held this year. 30 out of 100 young women were shortlisted and groomed holistically with a mission to make a colorful impact on their generation.

The grooming for the event Finale included a rigorous workshop that covered Color Etiquette and Grooming by Michelle Lim, Corporate Grooming Consultant; Poise & Posture by Amber Chia, International Celebrity Model, and Social Media Etiquette by Jason Ko, Chief Executive Officer of MYC! The girls were required to demonstrate the application of the ‘colors’ into their everyday life and post those stories in their respective social media platforms.

The Search culminated at the grand Finale with the finalists vying for the top 12 spots as the 12 monthly university spokespersons of MYC! magazine for 2016; with one being lucky enough to attend a photoshoot in New York sponsored by MYC! The winner will also represent FreshLook® as the official ColorGirl for the year in their consumer engagements.

Mr Sandeep Tewari, Country General Manager, Alcon Laboratories (M) Sdn. Bhd mentioned " “Our approach to the FreshLook® FreshFaces ColorGirl Search 2015 is to empower young women to live their lives colorfully. Color can be expressed in everything that you do; and in everything that defines you. Having the courage and confidence to be yourself encourages a positive mindset, thus helping one to improve the quality of life". He add on " The unique benefit of the FreshLook® color contact lenses is providing access to a natural look when using the contact lenses, thanks to the three layered 3-in-1 Color Technology that helps the lenses blend with the user’s natural eye color. Having a natural tint to the windows of our soul, may shape how others perceive our mood and outlook of the day and how we feel about ourselves". 

An eye opening event as 12 of contestants walk confidently on the stage. They make us proud of their braveness. The Finale unveiled the top 12 cover girls, who are Nicole Sheila Nagalingam, Lydia Charmaine Lourdes, Kho Foong Ling (Jasmine), Chee Yuen Chi (Bella), Tan Yan Rong (Tyra), Arinna Erin binti Wira Izran, Tai Shi Kin, Heng Jing Wen, Cheah Sook Peng (Candace), Afiqah Syazana, Tan Lii Cin (Michelle), and Katrina Kayora Ong (Grand Winner). 

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