Eat Healthy at For Goodness Cakes @ Sri Hartamas

December 02, 2015

For Goodness Cakes started on May 2014 when a dedication group of mothers and grandmothers form this cafe. Sheila, one of the owner mentions they find it is difficult to find a friendly and secure cafe for family and kids . For Goodness Cakes has captured attention around the neighborhood and other areas of KL, dominating the market delicious home cooked food and cakes, made with passion.

Simple and comfortable design of the cafe as they only use blue and white colour. 

1) Pumpkin Soup (RM10.90) & Mushroom Soup (RM10.90)

Sweet Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Mushroom with Chestnut

Both of the soup texture is creamy and I can smell the nice aroma of the soup. Indirectly it increase my appetite. You can dip with the handmade bread. I prefer the mushroom soup as it really taste nice. Yummy..Yummy.

2) Local Heat (Nasi Lemak Biasa) (RM11.90)

Local Heat

If you love to eat Nasi Lemak, you should give a try on their Local Heat. The "Sambal" really spicy . I like the crunchy " ikan bilis" . To me their Local Heat is ordinary Nasi Lemak.

3) Stuffed It Right (RM 15.90)

Stuffed It Right
Oh My...This is my favorite food . A clean and healthy food. The omelette stuffed tomatoes, onions, cheese and mushroom. Not too oily and they using premium cheese.I want more...plssss.

4) Awesome Big Breakfast (RM 29.90)

Awesome big Breakfast
2 eggs any style - Scramble egg serve with mushroom, baked beans, roasted cube potatoes , grilled tomatoes and lamb sausage serve with country bread.

5) Frenchie (RM 11.90) & Cheese On Toast (RM12.90)

Frenchie & Cheese on Toast

Frenchie is fresh toast with maple syrup. I like the puree that spread on the bread and it does not taste so sweet. The puree sauce using 90% fruits and only 10 % sugar. While they make their own bread as you can choose white bread, country bread or wholemeal bread. Cheese on toast is serve with wholemeal bread and the bread taste crunchy after toast.

6) Breakfast Cakes (RM 11.90)

Breakfast Cakes

Thin and not too oily crepe pancake eat with maple syrup. Syiok....This is my favorite and also your name been written on the plate. 

7) Tiramisu (without alcohol) (RM8.90)


I personally recommend Tiramisu cake and sell like hot cake too. One bit of the Tiramisu cake, you can feel the sauce burst in your mouth. Wowwwww. The tiramisu taste nice and it does not contain alcohol. Thumb to Tiramisu cake. 

8) Brownie (Peanut / Raspberry / Original) (RM6.00)

Juices, Happy Mood tea, Iced Mocha, Capuccino

Thank you to Shiela for spending her times sharing with us the success story For Goodness cakes. They also have set lunch from 11.30am to 3pm (Weekdays). You can eat healthy at For Goodness Cakes as the food no preservative and no MSG.

Location : For Goodness Cakes
                 36 (ground Floor) Jalan 27/70A,
                 Desa Sri Hartamas, 
                 50480 KL
Contact : 03-6211 6782
Business Hours : Monday - Wednesday & Friday (9am to 6pm)
                            Saturday - Sunday (10am to 4pm)
                            Close on Thursday

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