AirAsia's Travel 3Sixty Magazine Celebrates 100th Issue

November 23, 2015

Thank you to +AirAsia  and #AABC for the exclusive invitation to celebrate travel 3Sixty's 100th issue at Marini's on 57. 

Travel 3Sixty is AirAsia award-winning in flight magazine that have more than 3 million readers monthly. Impressive design of the cover page has attracted my eye to flip on it whenever I travel with Air Asia. I still remember I request a copy of 3Sixty magazine from the stewardess as the storyline has captured my attention. 

Now, I can read 3Sixty online and it freeeeeeeeeeeee...Is true and is free.

During the launching, De Fam has "wow" their audience with their sweet voice and dance.

Hit performance by De Fam

Dato' Aziz Bakar, Board of Director of AirAsia Berhad revealed the cover of Travel 3sixty's 100th issue during the celebratory event.

Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, publisher of the travel 3Sixty magazine who is also the Executive Chairman of AsiaAsia Berhad and group CEO of AirAsia X said " It has been quite a journey for the in-flight magazine since it was established in2007. I am very proud of how it has grown into the sleek, stylish and informational magazine that its is now; apart from being the only in-flight publication to be audited and endorsed by the Audit Bureau of Circulation of Malaysia (ABCM)."

"The core mission of the magazine has always been to showcase the best travel, culture and lifestyle and we want our readers to continue to experience and enjoy the magazine through an array of media-both print and digital. 100 issues is surely no easy feat, and i would like to congratulate the team on this milestone", added Datuk Kamarudin Meranun.

To celebrate this amazing milestone and the people who have made this feat possible, the magazine is launching a special contest called " Invite Travel 3Sixty". This contest provides readers of the magazine opportunities to invite the editorial team to visit their hometown and be featured as the cover story, enabling local stories to be shared o a regional front through magazine. 

The inspiration for this special contest came from a school teacher from the rural area in Tebedu, Sarawak who emailed the editorial team and shared his story on how he has been using Travel 3Sixty to teach his students about other cultures in the region, apart from improving their English. His initiatives reached the ears of the editorial team when the school teacher wrote in to request for old copies of the magazines to be donated to the school. Since then, copies of the Travel 3Sixty have made regular appearances at he the school as part of their lessons.

If you don't want to miss every issue of 3Sixty, follow them on Facebook : , or grab online free magazine at and follow them on twitter :

AirAsia always my favourite airline when travel as AirAsia and AirAsia X are the leading and largest low-cost carriers in Asia. While Travel 3Sixty always be my companion during my travel time. I proud to flight with AirAsia.

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