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November 07, 2015

Oak Avenue is Korean beauty online that allow you view and purchase Korean beauty products. The product that purchased from Oak Avenue will be shipped from Korea to Malaysia. All product that sell in Oak Avenue only can purchase from Oak Avenue / Korea. 

The reason I choose to shop with Oak Avenue

  • Reliable product from Korean that has been certified and go through the stringent quality testing. Famous Korean artist or beauty pageant also using Oak Avenue brands. No wonder Korean girl skin is fair, smooth and no pigmentation. 
This is the brand carry by Oak Avenue
Jessica Bling is one of the brand that famous with it nail wrap in Korean. In 2013, Jessica bling been awarded as Asia Model 8th Festival Awards in 2013.

Mibella is one of my favourite products from Korea. I glad I found this product and currently consume it. Introduce to you Mibella Fresh Dental Care. Let's do a test between Mibella Fresh Dental Care and X mouthwash products.

Can you see the different between cup A and Cup B? Can you see cup B content some dirt. This is because Mibella Fresh Dental Care able to eliminate all the germs or tartar that build up at our teeth. Now my teeth more strong and healthy. No bad mouth or bleeding gum.

Mibelle Bentonite & Cleansing Soap is on of the best selling products. As you know Bentonite is a clay containing a high concentration of natural minerals which was first created with ash and lava from the volcanic explosion. It has been deposited in the sea for a long time and then come up to the land by diastrophism. Rich moisture , oxygen and 66 kinds of natural minerals absorbed in the Bentonite make the skin elastic. That why you can feel your skin smooth, make up absorbs well and Skincare : clean up all the dirt.  I personally love this soap as it remove my make up easily and clear all the dirt on my skin. It leave my skin clean and moisture.

  • Business opportunity by register as Oak Avenue member. Oak Avenue is a practical business whereby no registration fee, no need by in bulk, free shopping online anytime, no target. Sharing you experience after your consume your product. if you friends or your family love the products, just ask them register as member and enjoy member discount when they purchase.  Oak Avenue not only a business proposition but its about the desire to offer your friends and opportunity that will transform their lives.
  • Shipping is 100% from Korea. 
Sign up now at http://oakavenue.co.kr/member/join.html and key in Referral ID : betliew. Once you have successfully sign up, you can enjoy more benefit as member.

For more Information, log into Oak Avenue website at http://oakavenue.co.kr

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