KKBOX colour your life with Music

November 09, 2015

Music has become part of our life nowadays. According to wikipedia, Music is an art form, social activity or cultural activity whose medium is sound and silence. I believe everyone has their own prefer when come to music or your favourite songs. Introduce to you KKBOX that brings more excitement to your life. You must wondering what is KKBOX, right?

KKBOX , Asia's leading music streaming service, was established in 2004 by a group of Tawainese software programmers with a shared passion for technology and music. That cool as KKBOX feature 20 million songs featuring a diverse mix of International, Malay, Chinese, Korean and Japanese songs.  KKBOX available in Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan ,Singapore , Hong Kong and Thailand and it have reached more than 10 million users. 

Good news as KKBOX having year end sale whereby you can enjoy free 90days unlimited music. Yes, is Freeeeeeeeeeeeee 90 days unlimited music !!!!!!!!

How to register for free 90 days unlimited music?

1) Click on KKBOX website at https://www.kkbox.com

2) Click at Free 90 days unlimited music link as show in the website.

3) Sign in using your Facebook account to enjoy the free 90 days unlimited music. You also can sign using your email to get the premium trial.

4) Choose your own category. You can click at What's Hot or Charts, Hot Playlist or New Releases to view the songs that you wish to download. Let's me show you how I download my favourite songs.

5) Before you can download your favourite songs, install the KKBOX apps either in your desktop, laptop or your own mobile phone.

 6) I click on the International Chart. You can play the song before you add in your playlist. The song been play on at the left side toolbar whereby I show it with red cursor.

Click on the ' + ' icon to add the song in your playlist. You also can name your folder so that is easy to allocate the songs. I name it International songs.

 See, it so easy to add in the song into your playlist. Now you can enjoy /listen your music anywhere using your laptop/ desktop / mobile phone / tablet. Playlist are synced across devices, anytime and anywhere or even download songs into devices for offline listening.

You also can enjoy the songs with your love one or even your friends by share the music on Facebook, twitter, blogs and basically anywhere. Let's sing along with your favourite singer as the songs come with rolling lyrics. Seem , you can having karaoke session with your friends. 

KKBOX also let you get closer with your favourite artist. Enjoy listening to what they're listening to and chat with them at same time. Try yourself and you will fall in love with KKBOX. Enjoy the free 90 days unlimited music. Fill your life with music by enjoying your favourite song at KKBOX.

Follow KKBOX now:-

KKBOX Instagram : https://instagram.com/kkboxmy/
KKBOX Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/KKBOXMY

Let's the music keep going on. KKBOX  is awesome.

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