Cafe 9 Taste of Thai @ Seksyen 17 Petaling Jaya

November 09, 2015

Sawadikaap, welcome to Cafe 9. Bring to you the real taste of Thai food that will satisfy your appetite. Psst, the chef is from Thailand so you can enjoy the real Thailand food in Malaysia and of course only at Cafe 9. this cafe 9 is run by a family business. 

It feel like a home to me when I enter the restaurant. A clean restaurant and the service is good.

The owner serve us with welcome drink and new taste for me.  The soup is make from a combination of ingredient of lemon grass with onion and vegetarian fish sauce .
Welcome Drink


My favourite Guava Asamboi.

Miang Kam (Betel Leaf Appetiser) - RM15.90

Miang Kam is new to me and I found this appetizer is special. You have to add on the Miang Kam sauce ( taste a bit sweet and sticky texture) on the betel leaf and then add you favourite  dry side dish example : dry shrimp, garlic, 'cili padi' , peanut and etc. Miang Kam will be serve before main course.

Laab Gai Salad - RM14

Sourish and spicy taste of Laab Gai Salad really is a good combination of flavour to open up our taste buds right before the main dishes. You can eat together with raw vegetable. 

Laab Gai Tod ( Fried Chicken Salad) - RM16

I found Laab Gai Tod special to me as the chef will fried the chicken cube and then mix with chef special sauce like how they prepare Laab Gai Salad.

Prawn Cakes - RM18.90

Crispy from the outside and soft texture of the prawn paste from inside really make me lick my finger after eating this prawn cakes. Dip the prawn cakes with sour sauce is the perfect match to eat.

Fish Cakes - RM17.90

Cafe 9's owner mention the fish cake is make by fresh " Tengeri fish" with curry paste. No wonder the fish texture so chewy and fresh. The fish cakes eat together with sweet Thai chili sauce. Love it so much.

Tom Yum (Clear Soup) - RM18.90 & Tom Yum Seafood (Red Soup) - RM25.90 (R) RM45.90 (L)

Which one is your favourite Tom Yum? Tom Yum (Clear soup) taste a bit sourish and not too oily really open my appetite. While Tom Yum Seafood (Red Soup) cook by adding some chili flake, chili oil and chili padi. Chef also add in some coconut milk and the soup is creamy. Yummy .. yummy. Chef can cater the Tom Yum according to customer preference as not everyone can take too spicy food. 

Thai Curry Lala - RM16 & Corriander Lala - RM16

Thai Curry Lala is cook with curry powder and egg. Not too spicy and it suit our Malaysia taste. While Corriander Lala is a clear cooking style as some customer love non spicy food.

Thai Omelette (RM10.90)

Thai omelette is not a normal omelette that we use to eat as chef cook it with big wok until fluffy and side of the omelette is crispy. The egg has been mixed with some minced meat. Tasty and delicious omelette.

Thai Hot Basil Fish - RM40 (4 pax) RM49 (6-8 pax)

This is my favourite as the chef has carefully remove the fish from the bone and then deep fried the fish. Once the fish turn gold colour, it been cook with chef special sauce and some vegetable. One bit of the fish, it so crispy and you can taste the freshness of the fish. The main flavour for this fish is basil. 

Business Hour Mon- Sun (except Tuesday) : 11 AM to 4 PM
                                                                        6 PM to 10 PM

Location: Cafe 9, 
                27 Jalan 17/45,
                Petaling Jaya,
               46400 selangor

Contact: 03 7932 2899

Follow Cafe 9 at Facebook : for more tasty Thai food. 

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