The Story of 4matic - We Roar, We Strong , We Rock (Allianz Food Hunt 2015)

October 19, 2015

The alarm rings at 6.15am and outside still dark. I so sleepy but I force myself to wake up. We promise Heng to reach at 7.30pm. We sorry for late a bit.

Our team ready for #AllianzFoodieHunt2015.

 How we been formed up???? 4matic been formed up since October 2014 and we are active in hunt and marathon. Why we call our self 4matic???? This choose by our brother, Heng as he mentions 4matic is type of Mercedes. Ermmm, I like the name as we are strong as Mercedes... Wuahaha. 

Alright, come back to the story lah...

Start morning exercise first. Is Zumba time. See how crazy we are during Zumba time. Everyone enjoy it.

Once finish, now we receive our task and we ready for the food hunt. 8 stations assign to us and we need to plan wisely our route.

Rules for that day:
  • Can use public transport like LRT or KTM or Bus
  • No pick up is allow
  • Can walk to the destination
  • Be safe during the Food Hunt.
  • Minimum 6 stations need to complete
  • Take picture at each station and tag the team name and hashtag AllianFoodHunt2015
Mission 1 : Mamak Mee @ Pelita, Ampang

I am the first person take the challenge. A bit messy on that station as competitor " berebut" for the Mamak Mee. 

I cannot now.. too full. Later carry me ya :P
Mission 2 : Nasi Padang, Masakan Padang Asli Kampung Baru

Heng is your turn take the challenge. He mumble when see the food " Too kering the rice".. wuahaha

Just simbah the kuah to the rice and eat.

After eat, we quickly proceed to another mission but we like lost dog. We can't locate where is Pak Ali restaurant. Thanks to the neighborhood for showing us the route.

Mission 3 : Nasi Campur, Restaurant Pak Ali, Gerak 21 Kampung Baru

This part I cannot stand as I laugh when seeing Leong Wai eat raw " Petai" and Vegetable. His expression " Heng faster bring me kuah". Then Heng busy scoop some " Kuah" 1st Kuah: Sweet (Leong Wai: Eiii, sweet want. change.. change) 2nd Kuah: A bit spicy and a bit Sour (Leong Wai speed up once he try the 2nd sauce)

Mission 4: Indian Sweets, Station Masjid Jamek

First time eat Ladoo. My mouth full of food and I quickly ask my teammates to complete task. they so smart, they grab the owner of the shop and ask him regarding the food name. We pass. Next plssss but give me water first. so sweet. hehehe

Mission 5: Roti special with teh tarik, Mansion Tea

Heng and Leong eye become bigger, when the food serve to them. They say half boil egg.. Haha... Heng accepts challenge and he eat it up. But no Teh Tarik. Boss mentions no more worrr....

Move.. move.. 4matic.. We go Pasar Seni and accept our challenge. But...But...we turn back as it so far.. Sob..Sob.. Bye Nasi lemak and Chendol... No enough time for us.

Mission 6 : Fierce Curry House , Bangsar

Our last mission. Leong go for it... But he saw rice, he already scare. choice.

Fuyohhhh, we complete our minimum task and we straight go to Rebung restaurant, Bangsar to submit our mission. We also complete our Bonus Mission.

Want guess the answer????? we scratch our head and the google. Coward Grain is our challenge.. Hihi. Don't look at my answer first. See how many you can guess it right.

  1. Teh Tarik
  2. Rendang
  3. Apom Balik
  4. Bahulu
  5. Chicken Rice Ball
  6. Pisang Goreng
  7. Roti Bom
  8. Pasembur
  9. Ayam Pongteh
  10. Otak-Otak.
Ngek...Ngek.. some pictures so tricky. We did not win the race but we been choose as the Best photo. Oh ya... Massage and manicure is provide to us after the rest. cool.

Winner for Best photo

I love you all

Thank you Allianz for the awesome event. We enjoy it and 4matic look forward for new challenge. Photo credit to Allianz too. 

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