PetsMore " Where Love Begins"

October 13, 2015

Do you want your pet look pretty like them?

Why don't bring your pet visits PetsMore?

Petsmore is a one-stop solution pet centre that covers your pet's needs from grooming, boarding on top quality pet products such as treats, supplements, food, leashes/collars, beds, bowls, cleaning supplies, accessories, kitty litter and more. 
"Where Love Begins" is the new tagline for Petsmore as they believe every living beings deserves to be loved and care. Thank you for the invitation and I having fun during the event. 

Sabrina was the emcee for that day. 

Mr. Sean Saw, COO of Petsmore introduced their latest promotion on grooming service. The attractive deals offered by Petsmore:-
  • RM150 Only for the First Trial Cat Basic Grooming Package. For 5 Sessions, Customers will save a whopping RM265 when their feline friends get services such as ear cleaning, nail care and bathing & blow drying.
  • RM100 Only for the First Trial Dog Basic Grooming package. For 5 sessions, customer will save a whopping RM195 when their canine friends get services such as eye trimming, leg trimming, ear cleaning, ear hair removal, nail care, shaving of paw pad, stomach, private area, cleaning of anal gland and bathing & blow drying.
Mr. Sean also introduce Spa Grooming service - Micro Bubbles SPA System whereby your pets will experience anti bacterial deep cleansing, deodorization and moisturization of fur and skin, reducing itchiness and leaving the pets with a calming effect. This Micro Bubbles SPA System is strictly hypoallergenic and improves therapeutic effects while enhancing the immunity of pets.

Photo Credit to E-Wen Hooi

The Petsmore staff show us how they grooming on the pets

Blogger gets to decorate the pet's cage. Photo credit to E-Wen Hooi

Good news for pet owner as Petsmore also provide pet hotel in the hope more pet owner in peaceful that their furry members are well taken care of during their absence. According to Mr. Sean, all the Petsmore staff are well trained and ensure they are passionate about pets well- being.
Pet Hotel price
  • Superior Suite - 1 pet (RM 42 per days)
  • Royal Suite- 2 pets (maximum) (RM 73 per days)
Petsmore will ensure 5 star boarding to you pet whereby each room will include daily cleaning, disinfection, supply of food and clean water and  individual ventilation system.

Petsmore ensure they give the best service to your pet from head to toe. You also get benefit when you join as Petsmore membership.

1 Year membership: RM12

Petsmore in SS2 has been refurbished outlet in Klang Valley as they have 4th floor to discover. Visit their FB at  or visit their website

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