Mace by Coffee Chemistry Signature @ Uptown

October 09, 2015

Cafe is a place that I usually love to hangout with my friends. Getting to know this famous cafe at Damansara Utama, Mace by Coffee Chemistry Signature. The environment is comfortable and soft music is play at the cafe. 
Mace by Coffee Chemistry Signature
The design of Mace by Coffee Chemistry Signature

Let's order the 3D Art drinks. We have order Iced Grean Tea Latte (RM16.50),  Iced double Choclate (RM16.50) . Then I order Hot Chocolate with caramel for myself (RM13). I love their 3D art and it so cute . I took several photo on it. Gerammmmnya see the cute 3D art.

                                  3D Art - For selected drinks.

If you are beef lover, you should try their Beef Bacon Jacket (RM26). The beef bacon is so fresh and it taste good with the special sauce. Overall I can say this dishes is healthy as they ad it raw carrot, corn and mashed potatoes.

This is my favourite meal, Mace Wholeleg Chicken (rice) RM 22. The fried chicken is so crunchy and you can even hear the crunchiness when you bit on it. The rice not too oily and it go well with their sambal. You must try this meal and it worth for your money.

This meal is new to me as the teriyaki chicken is mixed together with some vegetable, lychee, watermelon, honey tomatoes. The taste a bit sweet to me as they add in lychee. Overall I like the combination and it look healthy to me.

I also get to try their Garlic Ocean Prawn Olio Pasta (RM26). A bit spicy to me as I dont take spicy food. The salmon steak (RM29.50) is healthy to me as it not too oily. While Seafood paprika (RM20) and Beef Bacon Carbonara Pasta (RM17).

Overall, I like the food and drinks that serve at Mace by Coffee Chemistry Signature.  Below is the address for this cafe.

Photo Credit to Isaac Hee

Mace by Coffee Chemistry Signature,
42, Jalan SS 21/58, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
03 7732 4721

                 Instagram : Mace_Damansara

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