Events: Launching of Aura Cafe

October 05, 2015

Do you know about yourself well? Through Aura- Soma consultation the bottle speak of your choices and your journey through "The Colour Code",revealing aspects of you personality,your gifts and talents, your present situation and your potential - You are the Colours you choose and these reflect your being's perspective on your life's direction. Aura-Soma's various products lines offer energetic support to your daily life,revitalize and harmonize the bio-energetic field.They invite you to work from a deeper level within your self,empowering you to help yourself by gaining consciousness and insight. I impress with the consultation as I discover myself through Aura-Soma .

Aura Cafe also provide different consultation & therapy to their customer. With a cafe setting, this enable customer to get in touch with Aura Soma color care easily. The Aura Soma assist people in assimilating spirituality into daily life and lead a prosperous lifestyle.

Aura Soma

Consultation room
The launching of Aura Cafe

Aura Cafe also sold Fresh Fruits juice

A simple design of Aura Cafe make you feel comfortable and relaxing. It suitable for hangout or friends gathering. Aura Cafe do serve some drinks or cake.

  Congratulation to Aura cafe for the launching on 18th September 2015. 

A comfortable design at Aura Cafe

For more information, visit 
Aura Cafe, 
18, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar

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