BWB Flaming On Table @ Sri Hartamas

October 17, 2015

BWB Flaming On Table previously known as BWB Yakitori Bar. BWB Flaming On Table brings more excitement in their menu whereby customer get to enjoy some food on flame. Cannot wait to see what i going to introduce to you , leh????? (Malaysia style in speaking).
Before that let's enjoy the environment in BWB Flaming On Table. Relaxing place for hangout especially after tired with work.  
Now talking about the food part. I soooo hungry and that day raining some more and my metabolism boost up faster...
See my hungry face

I presented to you Three In a Kind with Jellyfish (Chuka Karaage), Tako Wasabi (Octopus marinated with Wasabi) and Tubor Shell. I love Tako Wasabi the most. Fresh and smooth Octopus and still can feel the pure Wasabi taste.

Kaki Niniku is my favorite. Is the oyster grill with garlic sauce. The fresh oyster and it mixed well with the sauce. Can I have more???(greedy mode)

Also introduce you some Karaage / Appetizer that serve by BWB Flaming On Table.

Koebi Karaage, SUPAishiigai

And more

Japanese fried Chicken on Cheese, Mix Mushroom Cheese Pizza, Gyuniku Wasabi

The next dishes is Tempura and Pork Knuckle Man Tao. The Man Tao so crunchy while the pork knuckle is very juicy. 

Mushroom soup with bacon on it. A new taste to me and the soup is creamy. Started to fill so full and main course is not yet been served. Burrrppp.. Opps (excuse me).

This also my favorite. Grill shrimp, Salmon and Squid . On top of it, they add with cheese sauce. Oishidesu (mean delicious).

Now is the main dish time. Let's see the picture and also the video below before I share why the meal so special at BWB Flaming On table.

Now answer your question what is so special regarding this meal. Each meal is using the flame. The flame are using liquid that has different flavor. The liquid is important from other country and it safe to be use. Give a try on their Flamimg Irish Coffee

Flaming Irish Coffee

Before go to dessert, let's try their Tori & Kamo. I love their Waghyu Beef.

Is dessert time. Oh Yeah...Oh Yeah....

Truffle Bacon & Truffle Whisky

Cannot stand and want to try it, leh???? Okie, I provide you the address and you can enjoy it too.

BWB Flaming on Table
No.8, Jalan 27/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hour: 12 pm- 12 am

Enjoy reading. My Epic face taken by Kakalina Wak. :P

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