BingSu Cafe Brings the Best Premium Korean Dessert and Ice Cream

October 05, 2015

Malaysia weather recently is hot due to haze. Let's go to BingSu Cafe to try their best premium Korean Dessert and Ice Cream. 

The moment I step into BingSu Cafe, I was attracted by the paper cup that display on the shelf. It so creative and I hear this paper cup is left by BingSu's customer that love their Bingsu.

Injeolmi Red Bean Bingsu is my favourite. The mixture of soft snow milk go well with Korean rice cakes, Korean bean powder, rich amounts of almond slices and finally topped with red beans. Yummy yummy. 
Injeolmi Red Bean Bingsu

The owner of BingSu cafe also advice us not to mix the bingsu as you will spoil the taste. You should taste BingSu Cafe snow ice as the texture is smooth plus the freshness of their snow milk. Then you scoop up to taste their rich and creamy natural premium ice cream.

Mango Cheese Bingsu

Mango Cheese Bingsu is new to me as I love the freshness of mango, cranberry and chunky pieces of cheese. Mango Cheese Bingsu is the best seller and also signature bingsu. You should give it a try for this bingsu.

Durian Mango Bingsu
If you are durian lover, you should try Durian Mango Bingsu. I will highly recommend this. The small slice of D24 durian really make me crazy. It melts easily on my mouth and the freshness of the durian really unbelievable. I super duper love this bingsu and the ice cream also make from pure D24 durian. 

Belgian Chocolate Bingsu

Another best seller from BingSu Cafe : Belgian Chocolate Bingsu. 

Banana Caramel Waffle
One bite of their waffle, you would love to bit more . The waffle is so crunchy and it mix well with tasty banana and ice-cream.Thumb up for their waffle.

Have you taste their handmade ice-cream? BingSu Ice cream did not have artificial colouring, no artificial flavouring and low cholesterol. This is the best premium ice-cream I have taste so far. I love their coconut and matcha ice cream. How about you? Once you have BingSu Cafe , share your comment in my post which one you love the most. I love reading your comment.

Visit BingSu Cafe ,
        28, Jalan SS21/35,
        Damansara Utama.

Contact : 03- 7733 3086

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