The Crazy Bites - A Fun Place to Explore for Good Food

September 18, 2015


Anyone is crazy about food? Bringing to you a tasty food from The Crazy Bites. One bite of the food you will sure want to try every of their food.

The Crazy Bites's design has captured my eye and I find The Crazy Bites is creative.

Let's explore more about this restaurant. You must be wonder what is so special regarding The Crazy Bites? This cute pink color monster will bring more surprise to you. The Crazy Bites did not serve any pork or lard.

Pose first before start eating. This cutie is cool or me????? Nyeh...Nyeh...Nyeh

 Let look at the menu for what to eat. I think I going to try their burger, pizza, pasta and local delight. Yummy...yummy.

The food are ready to be served. I personally love their Goat Bites (Lamb). The Herbs Bun are Freshly Baked Daily to ensure 100% freshness of the bun. One bite at their burger, I can taste the freshness of their ingredient. Marvelous and it's just incrazible. You should try the pizza too. The pizza is crunchy and the ingredient is fresh.

Nom... Nom... Which one should I eat first? Oh gosh, the food so attractive and smell nice.
Love the Calamari rings

It really so delicious especially the sauce that they use. (Carbonara sauce)

Johan's Nasi lemak is the best nasi lemak that served by The Crazy Bites. This nasi lemak is chef recommendation. Must try and you sure lick the whole plate. 

 The Thai Style Pineapple Fried Rice smell nice. Their Thai fried rice go well with the sambal. 

Want challenge yourself with some spicy food? If you love spicy food, I will recommend you to try this. It really caught me on fire.
I order my favorite Hot Earl Grey Chocolate. One sip, I can taste the rich and pure chocolate. It smell nice and enjoy this drink. Can I have one more cup, please????? Haha.

Which one should I try? Maracuja Peneapple Tea, Mango Mojito or Forest Fruit Milkshake? Ok. no need choose because all the drink taste nice. End up I try 3 of this drinks. Personally will recommend the Forest Fruit Milkshake.

Nice decoration. This is Cafe Latte

Special thanks to The Crazy Bites for serving us with a good food. Overall, a good place to hang out, good services and the very important part is good food that value for money. It suitable for small gathering, event and even birthday party. Anyone want to date me? Let's go to The Crazy Bites again. 

Address : The Crazy Bites,
                 A13, SS 15/4D,
                 Subang Jaya
Contact   : 03-58798102

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