My first Experience of Bungy Jump

September 27, 2015

Do you feel terrible after see my video? This is my first experience jump from AJ Hackett Macau Tower (233m). Taking 23A bus from Macau City to Macau Tower is really convenient. The process is easy as you need to purchase entrance ticket and the Bungy jump is sponsor by Playboy Fragrance  Malaysia. Then they will required you to fill up the waiver form. Once you have fill up the waiver form, you need to change your clothe and watch 5 minute video before you proceed to Bungy Jump.
Once done, you need to weight and see how " berat" you are. Minimum 40 kg and maximum 125 kg can go for Bungy jump. Then the staff will help you to put on the strings and all those safety equipment. Before you jump, say "hi" to the camera. Raise your hand up and you are ready to jump.

OMG, it really scary when you jump down and the speed is too fast. I was stone when I jump down and manage to shout when I nearly reach down. Advice " Please be prepared in term of your mentality and physically before you challenge yourself for Bungy Jump. I do have anxiety before I jump and I nearly give up.

I glad to have a supportive partner . Both of us did it. Want to challenge yourself for Bungy Jump? Do you dare to do it?
Log in for more information include prices and rules & regulation for Bungy jump. Hope you enjoy my video.

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