Malaysia Most Talented Singer - Alvin Chong

September 15, 2015

Do you want to know him???? 

Photo taken by Tommy Tong

Photo taken by Tommy Tong

Photo taken by Tommy Tong

Anyone still remember our Malaysia Talented singer, Alvin Chong? Since his debut four years ago, this the first time Alvin challenged himself in composing. Alvin mentioned this is the first song his composed and it resonates with the voices within his heart. " Born This Way" is the first single album released after Alvin join Hashtag Entertainment. The song become hit after it has been broadcast on radio on July 20, 2015. Hi beautiful vocal has melted a lot of his fans.

During the interview, Alvin shares his experience and challenge during composing his song. He smiles to us and mentioned the song narrates his mental journey. "While writing this song, there were many flashbacks. Without the constraints of words, I expressed my feelings through the tune," he added.
I manage grab his valuable signature on his first Single Album.

Photo Credit : Thank you to Pelicana chicken for serving us with awesome food.

Hurray , I have my name written on the Album

He so friendly and humble during the photography session. 

Wohoo...I get to selfie with him. Don't jealous ya...
More pictures taken together with Alvin. Photo credit to Tommy Tong. His camera super sharp.

Alvin will keep writing /create a good song for his fans. Let's us enjoy  his duet song with Ayda Jebat - Fairytale (Malaysia Day Cover). Happy Malaysia Day's and I enjoying listen to his duet song now.
Keep on supporting Alvin Chong.

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Alvin Chong Instagram: Alvinchong123

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