IsMe Beauty & Cafe brings healthy lifestyle

September 21, 2015

The first time I step into this cafe I thought I enter the wrong cafe as the cafe do sell beauty products.
Is Me Beauty & Cafe
                     IsMe Beauty & Cafe - Clean and Comfortable cafe

According to Tanky Chow, Marketing Manager, IsMe Beauty & Cafe not only care about our beauty but also provide us with healthy food. IsMe Beauty & Cafe is country's first cafe which focuses on beauty and health. 

I can stop taking the beautiful pictures. I feel like a home when enter IsMe Cafe.
I really drama in this picture.

Who wish to have a healthy diet and lifestyle? I will be the first person to raise my hand.

1) German Chicken Thuringer Sausage  - prepare using wholemeal loaf, low-fat Thuringer sausage , Mayo, German mustard, lettuce, red onion, cucumber, tomatoes, gherkin and olives. Muack...muack, I love this healthy food. Not so oily and the vegetable provide me with natural vitamin that need in our body. Pssst... the fries is not oily at all. 

Frankfurts Series - German chicken Thuringer Sausage (RM 25.90)

2) Bamboo Charcoal Bun Series - Lite & Crisp Fish Burger & Chicken Lover Burger - both are prepare using bamboo charcoal bun. The bun is so fresh and I love their preparation. Clean and healthy food. Do you realize each dishes, they put a small stick written " Low Calories" ? They specially cater a healthy food for their customer.

Chicken Lover Burger (RM 25.90) and  Lite& Crisp fish Burger (RM 25.90)

3) IsMe Superfruits Croissant - Is my favorite. I will give rate 10/10 for this meal. It been prepared using IsMe croissant, strawberries, kiwi, avocado, mango, lettuce, mascarprone and cream. Super delicious and the fruits are so fresh. Dip it in ice-cream and put in your mouth. You can feel the juicy fruits and cool ice-cream melt in your mouth. 

IsMe Superfruits Croissant (RM 23.90)
4) Cheese-tastic Series - prepare using fresh mozzarella cheese. 
Cheesy Chicken (RM 28.90) & Cheesy Turkey (RM 28.90)

Their signature drinks that you try is IsMe Signature (coffee) & Signature Chocolate. IsMe Signature is brew using high quality coffee bean while my favorite Signature chocolate is using rich and quality chocolate.

Beverages around RM 10 -RM 15.90
Yummy Spaghetti. 

Is time for some dessert. Yummy...Yummy... The cake is not too sweet and taste nice.

Enjoy reading my review regarding IsMe Beauty & Cafe. A must try cafe and bookmark it in your list.

Address: IsMe Beauty & Cafe
               NU Sentral Mall

Business Hours: 10 am to 10 pm (Monday to Sunday)

Contact : 03- 22760008

Do follow them on Facebook, and their instagram: isme_beauty_cafe.

 ~Hope you enjoy reading ~

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