Dramatic Transformation Within 1 hour with Skin Shield

August 18, 2015

I found another star product from SkinS oul that make me fall in love with it.  Skin Shield is an active skin renewal range that contains a fusion of biotechnically extracted actives that influences the structure and biological functioning of the skin.
I found my skin dry, dull and oily due to unhealthy environment and Skin Shield is my savior. Skin Shield range uses only pure Swiss Glacier Water as the water base for all its product. Skin Shield is an all-natural skincare range formulated in Switzerland, whose heritage is world renowned for research and innovation in beauty and personal care. Skin Shield is make from pure organic Ashitaba and fusion of other precious botanical extracts with powerful benefits that work in synergy for ultimate skin renewal .
Skin Shield has triple protective shields: Damage- Shield, Sun- Shield and Micro- Shield. This range suitable for every age of all skin type. Thank you Skin Soul for the travelling Set. I always bring it with me in my bag. It did not tighten my skin and skin condition getting better. My skin more moisture and refresh after consume Skin Shield. From a dull and dry skin, it turn my skin into moisture and smooth. You can see the obvious result in 1 hour. I amaze with the result.

As you can see below photo showing the obvious transformation of my skin after using Skin Shield. 

Before Using Skin Shield

After 1 week using Skin Shield

By Showing the #ssliew and my blogsopt, readers will be entitled to purchase SkinSoul SkinShield Travelling Set at only RM388. Readers will be also entitled to walk away SkinSoul SkinShield Set worth RM100 by minimum purchase of RM100 and above in a single receipt.

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