11street Satisfied My Shopping List

August 09, 2015

11street is like a heaven to me as I enjoy my shopping with 11street. 11street is an open marketplace operated by Celcom Planet Sdn Bhd .- a joint venture between Celcom Axiata Bhd. and SK Planet Ltd. 

11street gives you No.1 shopping experience whereby you can purchase anything from 11street with affordable price and amazing discount. What are you waiting for??????? Register now to become 11street member as you get to enjoy the special promotion, free credit, earn more points, discount coupon and more benefits.

Everyday I never miss to check 11street website on my mobile to view the great deal and discount coupon that they offer to customer.  

The reason why I love shopping with 11street:-

  • Shocking deal
This portal brings jaw dropping deal from different brands as you get additional discounts on your purchase while enjoy your shopping with 11street. 

  • Convenient and save time
Sometime it a hassle to do your shopping at shopping mall. You need to drive to the shopping mall, jam in the car park area just to find a parking, shopping mall pack with people and queue to pay for your item. With 11street, you can forget about the hassle. Log into http://www.11street.my/ , you can choose the item that you wish to purchase from category. Add the item in your shopping cart and checkout when you have confirmed your item. With one click for the payment, your will receive a confirmation for your purchase. 11street helps to save your time and it soooooooooo convenient.

  • Fast and safe delivery
Once you have done your payment, you will receive a tracking number from 11street. I happy with their service as I receive my item within 2 days in safe condition. I even can view my order at My Page area to see when my item been shipped out.

How to purchase with 11street????

Hurry up and join 11street to enjoy your shopping. Log in www.11street.my for more great deal or follow them at facebook https://www.facebook.com/11street.my?fref=ts.

Enjoy your shopping

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