War between Life and Dengue

July 08, 2015

July 1, 2015 is the worst day for me as my body feel so weak and I have high fever (39 degree celsius). As usual I go to work that morning and  I thought I can stand the whole day in office. But  my body start shivering and I can feel the pain in my bone. I though my boss that I need to take medical leave and proceed to the clinic nearby my house. At the clinic, Doctor given me normal medication (Panadol) and asked me return to the clinic for check up on July 3, 2015 to see whether I diagnosed with Dengue.

On the second day, my fever still did not reduce and I feel so tired and restless. My boyfriend drove me  to SJMC (Subang Jaya Medical Center) to do the blood test.  I become helpless when doctor confirmed I had Dengue . Doctor asked me to drink more water as my platelets count is 157 and it still manageable. Normal platelets count is around 150 - 400.  As usual, I have to return for blood test and my platelets start to drop. My platelets never increase at all after the blood test for 5 consecutive days . Doctor has not choice and has to admitted me to hospital due to low platelets counts (157 to 85).

 Admitted to ARA Damansara Medical Center.

 Skin rashes and itchy

My leg swollen and the skin condition look a bit darker due to the poor blood circulation in my body.

My Dengue symptoms :-
  1. High Fever
  2. Nausea and vomiting
  3. Headache
  4. Skin rash appear on the 6 days after I recover from fever.
  5. Leg and hand swollen
I was admitted to ARA Damansara Medical Center. Doctor did not put me on drip as he want me to recover by myself.  Everyday the nurse will provide me with 3 litres plain water. No only that, the nurse had to perform blood test on me twice a day. That is the suffer part whereby my vein start shrinking and the nurse has poke every part of my hand. As a result, the mark turn blue black. My palm, hand and leg start feel itchy and swollen as rashes start to appear. 

I have to try several remedies that recommend by my friends:

1) Drink papaya leaf juice (one cup a day) to increase the platelets count.
2) Drink Crab soup (has to be clear soup)
3) Take more watermelon juice
4) Do not take too salty, spicy or oily food.
5) In dengue the liver is targeted. So there is impaired function of Liver. It is important to supply body with easy digest food.
6) Drink more plain water / Isotonic drinks

This remedies help my body to recover fast and my platelets count started to increase to 95. At last I allowed to discharge from hospital. I still in the recovery stage as I still have rashes and my body still swollen. My body still weak and energy level still low. Doctor given me one weeks MC to rest at home. The reason I sharing my experience is not to scare you but as a awareness regarding dengue. 

Dengue fever is a diseases transmitted by mosquito called Aedes. Once you been diagnosed with dengue, you have treated it quickly as no medication for Dengue. Dengue can lead to fatal if you did not seek any medication. Feel free to drop me a message if you need more advice or information regarding how to prevent Dengue. I willing share my experience and remedies. Do wear long sleeve or pants if you exposed to the area that has mosquitoes. Bring mosquitoes repellent with you if necessary and try to sleep under the mosquitoes net. Do report this incident to Health and Safety government as they will carry out investigation at your staying area.

Lastly, ensure your house is clean and throw away unnecessary things that pile in your house.

Prevention is Better that Cure

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