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July 27, 2015

BMS Organics has introduce new skin care range call ANDALOU. During ANDALOU Skin Care mini workshop, Resha taught us how to understand our skin type . She has showed us the basic Face Mapping . It is important to know the basic face mapping as we can understand the cuses of spots & breakouts.

Face Maping

  1. Zon 1 & 3 - Our Digestion due to late dinner, irregular sleeping pattern and eat too heavy food.
  2. Zon 2 - Reflect our Liver . Our nose area will congested if we take too much dairy products ( milk , cheese) or consume alcohol.
  3. Zon 4, 6, 8 , 10 - Our Kidney. It will congested if drink too much caffeine, sodium food or drink not enough water. It also will effect our eye area as it will be dry due to not enough blood circulation. Not healthy lifestyle like stress also will effect this zon area.
  4. Zon 5 & 9 - Reflect our Lung. If the person is heavy smoker or work under kitchen area will effect this zon area.
  5. Zon 7 - Reflect our Heart. Stress, emotional or consume too much chocolate will congest this zon area.
  6. Zon 11 & 13 - Reflect our Ovary (reproductive system). Menstrual or taken hormone pill will effect this zon area.
  7. Zon 12 - Regarding Digestion. Taken too spicy or cool food.
  8. Zon   14 - Reflect our Immune system.

What is the different between Skin Type Vs Skin Condition?

1) Skin Type - There are 4 skin types (Combination skin, Dry skin, Normal Skin and Oily skin) . My skin type is Combination Skin and Resha recommend me to try ANDALOU Alpine Rose Stem Cells.

2) Skin Condition is effect by our lifestyle our environment. For example: My skin condition is sensitive and some part of my face is congested.

What is ANDALOU?????

ANDALOU contains  100% natural origin (70% organic Certified , Non- MGO & Vegan skin care products). ANDALOU is make from Fruit Stem Cell (Universal Cell) that helps to renew , repairs and regenerates our skin cell. ANDALOU contain 8 types of Bioactive + Berry Complex. It also contain certified organic Aloe Vera + Polysaccharides that helps to lock the moisture in our skin.

Resha show us the correct way to take care our skin. When we wash or scrub our face, we show be gentle to our skin. The correct skin care routine start from:-

Cleanse → Exfoliation → Masque → Toner → Serum → Moisturizer → Specific Circular Movement (eye area) → UV care.

photo credit : Blogger Nova Leeza & Ayu

Visit BMS Organics for more information regarding ANDALOU. Special thanks to Resha for introduce a good skincare products that suit my skin type. My skin become healthy and clean after using ANDALOU. I Love ANDALOU. Give it a try and you will satisfy with ANDALOU as you will notice skin condition improve and become more healthy and glowing.

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