Zorage - Simple and Safe Way for Storage

June 03, 2015

I do feel dilemma sometime when seeing my messy and untidy room. I need more spacious to store my belonging.  What should I do with all my books, teddy bear and my clothes?

Thanks to Rebecca for introduce this website call Zorage. I wondering who is Zorage and how Zorage can help me? Zorage is storage company that provides affordable, secure and on-demand storage solutions to clean and unclutter your office or living space.

It safe to be store with Zorage as it offer insurance for our storage.  The coverage we offer is to guard your items against the unlikely event that items get lost, stolen, or damaged during storage or transportation.

3 simple steps to abridge and simplify the self-storage process at your place.

Step 1. Just with a few clicks, Zorage get the storage bins or boxes delivered to your doorstep.
Step 2. After packing your stuff, simply take a photo catalog and upload onto www.Zorage.com/stuff. You can also create a list of belongings you have stored in the bins or boxes.
Step 3. Organize with Zorage to pick up your items and store them.

How it works?

 Zorage storage process step 1


  Simply order storage boxes from our warehouse, and we bring them right to your door.

                                                        Zorage storage process continue

Zorage storage process step 2


After packing, schedule an appointment for us to pick it up. Say goodbye to hassles and heavy lifting.

                                                          Zorage storage process continue

Zorage storage process step 3


Do you need your things back? Use the online app to schedule an appointment, and we will bring the box to your doorstep.

Zorage storage box
                                             RM 19per box (Per month)
  • Free pick up from your doorstep
  • Free insurance up to RM300
  • Protected by 24H security
  • RM30 per box for returns
  • Minimum storage period of 3 months
Do you think Zorage can help me in my daily life?

My answer Yes....Yes...Yes...My room will look tidy and neat and the most important I have more space. It minimize the accident from happen as it easier my movement. The storage offer a good deal and I can trust on Zorage for taking care of my belonging. Anytime I can view my belonging that store in Zorage and I can pick my item that I want Zorage to return to me.

I love the idea how Zorage offer a simple and safe way to storage. It even safe my time if I planning to out from my house . Love to find more about Zorage??? Just search for https://zorage.com and like them at facebook : https://www.facebook.com/getzorage

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