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May 14, 2015

Have you heard about Rakuten? Rakuten actually is online shopping website that provide variety of choices . The website is user friendly and it been categorized with different item.

I have purchased online before with Rakuten and I have a good experience with Rakuten. I get to earn points for the item that I have purchased. I wondering what can I do with my points????? The answer is stated in Rakuten website by click at Rakuten Super Points. The more you shop , the more points you will earn. You can use the super points to pay for future order on Rakuten.

On my blog, I would love to share top 5 items that I want to get from Rakuten. It hard for me to choose for the item as Rakuten really offer a good quality products. So many brands and the price is so reasonable. 

  1. Portable Multi-Purpose Travel cooker.
  2. Momo Online fashion
  3. Okashi World (Instant coffee The Blend No.114)
  4. YOUNIQ Red Blossom 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet Set
  5. 6th Generation Po Bling Pore Ultrasonic Cleanser Free replacement Brush
From Skincare, grocery, health equipment, accessories, you can shop with Rakuten. Rakuten offer a reasonable price , different brands to choose or try and the best part, I get the good discount . 

Once I have choose, I will add it into my cart and this step so easy as it will stated how much points I will earn if I purchase the product.

Once done I just need to click proceed to checkout and it will redirect you checkout page whereby you need to sign in before you can proceed for payment. double check you shipping information before proceed with payment. Once done, just click on continue and it will redirect to payment method. At payment method you can choose to pay with either with credit card or Internet banking. 

Sometime you do get some surprise from Rakuten as it offer discount coupon . Before proceed with payment proceed , just key in the coupon code and you can enjoy the discount or the offer from Rakuten.

Continue with place order and it will redirect you to payment method. Once successful, your order will been proceed and ship to you. You can check or track back your order by click at you profile and view your order under My Order. Hope you will enjoy your shopping with Rakuten . For more information , please visit .

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