How to make extra money by sharing link on your social media?

April 13, 2015

Do you know you can earn extra money by sharing link to your social media? I found this website call 8share Malaysia. If you love to earn extra money or get some free stuff, this is right website that you are looking for. First you need to create your own account by log in

Once you have register, just log in using your user ID and password and you will be directed to the page. Before you start to share , there are some demo will pop up to teach you how share and be rewarded. Just choose any topic that you would like to share out. 

Then you will be directed to the next page whereby you can see how much you will earn if  someone click on the link that you have share.

Just follow 3 easy step to share this topic:-

Step 1

 Know what you’re sharing

Step 2

Choose your sharing message

Step 3

Share it with your friends

You can share it via Facebook, twitter or Google+

This is the sample how I share it on my Facebook. you also can write some caption to attract the person to click into your link. One click will earn you a reward.

Everyday you can monitor how much you have earned and how many BP you have get. Is so simple and you also can refer your friend to join this website. You will earn extra RM1 just by refer you friend to join 8share. You can cash out whenever you account has accumulated RM50.

Start your earning now and it easy to reward yourself just by sharing . Enjoy sharing.

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