Sexy and Kissable Lip with Chu Lip

March 17, 2015

Early in the morning I wake up and open my email to check whether I receive invitation from Mamasan and BINGO ! I so happy as I going to meet this little Chu Lip .

The day has come and I was so excited when I reach Kare cafe , 1 Utama at 2.30pm with 3 other butterflies (Anis, Kak Ella and Meena). OMG, I cann't stop taking pictures of this little Chu Lip. They are so colourful and it remind me of the Easter Day. This is the most beautiful Chu Lip I ever meet and I love how it been decorate. 

Do you know what is " Chu" means???? Chu in Japanese mean kiss and is a famous product from Mentholatum.

The Sponsor is so generous whereby they give us a chance to decorate our own Chu Lip and guess what???? The prize for the best Chu Lip is Baby- G watch. Too bad , I not a creative artist as my Chu Lip look simple but I love it. I get the chance to hand on and learn how to create my Chu Lip with other 50 beautiful Butterflies including our Mamasan, Tammy.

Tadaaaa this is my little princess. I cann't wait to take her home with me and try it on my lip.
Before that, I took my princess to take some pictures with other Chu Lip. Our butterflies are so creative and talented. I so proud of them and glad to be butterfly. 

See Kak Ella so creative with her Chu Lip. 
Special thanks to Kare Cafe for providing some donuts, finger foods and drinks for us after we finish with our decoration. 

Yeah, the sponsor is so generous and we get to bring home 4 Chu Lips plus our own Chu Lip that we have decorated earlier. Once I reach home, I open and try the Chu Lip. Marvellous and I must give this Chu Lip 100 likes.  It moistures my Lip and heal my chap lip. Want to see my kissable lip with Chu Lip?????

This is me with my pink Chu Lip.

Come and experience the fun of Chu Lip as it comes in 4 colour with different flavour that you can choose. Chu Lip content Olive Oil , Macadamia , Nut Oil and Rosehip Oil that can protect your lip and nourish your lip with vitamin.

1) Purple  - Arabian, Floral Shower
2) Red - NY, Brilliant my way
3) Pink - Paris, Perfect Memories
4) Green - Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia

No only that, Mentholatum is organizing contest called " Pimp My Chu Lip " and the Grand Prize is iPad Mini 3. 

WOWWWW, I going to create my second Chu Lip and upload at their website . Don't forget to like their Facebook for more information of Chu Lip at . 

The fun going to begin with Chu Lip. Now I bring my little princess out wherever I go. Arigato to Mamasan for given me the opportunity to know more about Chu Lip, The Sponsor : Mentholatum team for arrange such a wonderful event and Kare Cafe for the creative venue.

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