Let's Grab My Bag and Flight to Taiwan

March 30, 2015

Hello Peep! Have anyone visit  Taiwan Travel Fair at One Utama happening on 25th - 29th March 2015? I very kiasu...I grab whatever brochure related Taiwan during the Travel Fair. See what I have with me.

Come On...Grab my backpack and flight to Taiwan and enjoy Lohas in Taiwan , the delicious food and shopping.

What Betty will do in Taiwan??? 

1) Cycling

LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) has become popular in Taiwan as they promote a healthy lifestyle to stay healthy. One of my favourite activities is cycling. Let's go for cycling and enjoy the fresh environment in Taiwan. There are several place to recommend for cycling. One of the famous place for cycling is Taroko Gorge of Hualien. I want to challenge myself cycling from East Entrance Arch to Shakadang Trail,Eternal Spring Shrine , Yanzikou or Swallow Grotto, Jiuqudong or Tunnel of Nine Turns and ending at Tian Xiang. 

Maps of Scenic spot that can found along Taroko National Park

Now I can feel the sweating moment while cycling and enjoying the breeze along Taroko National Park.
More Info : 
Taroko National Park Website : http://www.taroko.gov.tw/English/

2) Hot Springs
Wohoo....Come to my favourite part. Chilling out in the hot springs is one of my favourite and it famous in Taiwan.Soaking in hot springs not only can help for relaxing but also good for blood circulation and improve our skin condition (natural cosmetic). Taiwan has more than 150 hot springs and most of it located in the mountains. These are the list of some famous Hot Springs:-
The best recommendation Yangmingshan and Beitou (20-30 Minutes from downtown)

  3) Zen Meditation

I heard some review regarding Zen Meditation as it can revitalize us and make us feel almost reborn. Is a perfect place for harmonize our body and soul as it the meditation areas are located in the mountain and surrounded by beautiful scenery. Most of the temple in Taiwan has their meditation room and they even offer some meditation classes or even accommodation.  Is time for me to relax my mind from stress and learn to love myself more. 

4) Eat , Eat , Eat at Shilin Night Market.

When come to food, I really love street food . Shilin Night Market is Taipei's largest and best well know night market. I want to try Sausage wrap in Glutinous Rice , Oyster Omelet, Fried chicken Fillet, Bubble Ice and Shave Ice. These food are so delicious and it worth for money.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday
                              11 am - 2am

Direction : http://www.travelking.com.tw/eng/tourguide/scenery103004.html 

I never go to Taiwan before and my purpose go to Taiwan is for relaxation. If I been selected, I will enjoy this trip with my future husband. We have been go through the difficulties time in our work and is time for both to relax and enjoy the beauty of Taiwan.

* picture taken from Google website

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