A healthy lifestyle start with Ecoparadise

March 21, 2015

Have anyone try Antioxidant Hotbed Therapy at Ecoparadise????? This my first time visit Ecoparadise . I so excited as I been given opportunity to try  Hot bed Therapy. The Hot Bed Therapy can help to eliminate toxin in our body. Antioxidant not only can help to improve blood circulation but also can improve our body immune system. Hot bed Therapy also can improve your skin complexion. I love it so much. 

Ecoparadise has been recognized as The Best Antioxidant Body Treatment by Women's Weekly. The therapist will set the room temperature before we started our session. 

Ecoparadise  uses building material that infused withe enzyme to build sauna. It can provide antioxidant boost.

Is time for relaxing...Wuhoooooo

I have spend about 35 minutes in the Hotbed Therapy. I sweat a lot as I can't stand the hot temperature.  After the session, I feel so energetic and refresh after the session. I can feel my body become light and my mind more calm.

I  enjoy the session and it create a positive energy for my body. Tonight I will have a good sleep . If you would like to visit Ecoparadise, you may contact or visit their website at http://www.ecoparadise.my/ or like them at Facebook www.facebook.com/ecoparadise.malaysia

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