The miracle of Aupres Aqua Energy

February 02, 2015

 Aupres has introduce their new range " Aqua Enegry". I was so excited to know more Aupres and this event is organize at Pavilion. What so special regarding Aupres Aqua Energy? Aupres can increase the moisture in our skin and giving our skin more hydrate. It can lock the water in our skin to enable our skin skin to breath better.

 I was so impress with Aupres products

 There are some refreshment serve on that day.

No more worries regarding dehydrate skin as Aupres Aqua Energy will be my savior. I love the texture as it easy to absord into my skin and it does not oily. During the workshop we learn the correct way how to apply Aupres Aqua Energy and the Beauty expert teach us a simple make up .

 I so excited as I get to test the product. The texture is like jelly type .

We get to test the product our self and we also learn to put on the make up by our self. I enjoy the session and we get to bring back Aupres product worth RM150. Yessssss, I get to use Aupres product and my skin condition will getting better.

Special to the trainer for her patient in explaining the product . If you would like to know more about Aupres Aqua Energy, feel free to visit their website at . You definitely will love the product as it not only good and the price is reasonable.

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  1. I'm here! Later when Kak Ella turn is done I will PM you on FB kay! Anywayy I heard good thing about Aupres too, maybe I should try especially that jelly like stuff :D

  2. Thanks Anis. Yup the product is good. So sad they discontinue it last month.