My first Christmas dinner with Butterflies

December 29, 2014

When I receive invitation from Tammy Miu, I feel so happy as I get to join The Butterfly event and this is my first time. I feel privilege to join other butterflies for Christmas dinner at The Apartment. I choose "Yes" to secret Santa and I have prepare my present for the event. On 23 December 2014, I wear red colour jumpsuit with a headband . Do I look great on that day? Thank you for the sponsor (Garnier, Shizens, Maybelline and other sponsors)as we get to bring a lot of free gift to try at home. Look up at my post as I going to review regarding the products.

I am newbies on that day and of course I tak malu malu go and mingle around with other butterflies. I met new friends and also bump into some familiar faces. The most important to me was I get to met Tammy Miu in person. She look cute in her green colour hair. Awwwww... I admire her so much and she really friendly person.

I enjoy the food so much and thanks to The Apartment for preparing nice food to us and I enjoy the Turkey. After our makan-makan time, Choy Peng and Edazz surprise us with a wonderful song. Their voice so powerful and capture passersby people to stop and enjoy their song. Let it go......Let it go....
Then we have some ice breaker session whereby each of us been given a piece of paper and we have to find our own members according to the categories. My group is friendship. Once we manage to gather our own group, we will look for our senior butterflies. No yet we have to create our group name, took a picture together and post into Instagram. 
We have name our group " The Silvery Blue". I love it so much as it represent special butterflies as all of us from different background and so special. 

Before the event ended, I get my present from my secret Santa. Psstttt, I manage to meet my secret Santa. She was so nice and I love the present so much. She so sweet as she left me a note.
Thank you Tammy Miu for the arrangement and also my senior butterflies for the tips and advice.

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  1. Hi Betty,

    You have been selected as a winner for SCORE Cupid Dash 2015 as you have participate in the giveaway. I have tag you on Facebook and sent you an email. Can you get back to me as soon as possible.


    1. Hi RS, I have reply to Aidan email on 21 December 2014. Any pending information from me? Where can I send my email to?