Dermo Science Lab Workshop‏

October 25, 2014

Special thanks to Sasa for inviting me to Dermo Science Lab Workshop at Midvalley on 19 October 2014. The trainer has introduce to us two new products from Hakubi C (Hakubi White C Gel & Hakubi white C Plus)

I get to test the product and the texture is light and easily absorb into our skin. Sasa has given us 2 weeks trial packs to try it out.

 Do drop by to SaSa shop for more information regarding Dermo scienceLab products. You also get the chance to win a trip to meet skin experts in Korea & Taiwan.

Participate brands : Dr. Young, Good Skin Labs, Hakubi White C, Dr.G, Neogence, Good Skin Labs, b.Liv, Dr. Jart++, Dr. Wu, Skin Doctors, Collistar, BRTC, Skin Peptoxyl and Ceutical Plus.

For more information regarding Dermo Science Lab products, please view through SASA Facebook:

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